States of the United States of America
Places of interests of Kansas. Street Library
Fairfax Bridge
Places of interests of Arkansas. Diamond Crater
Museum of American Art
Places of interests of Iowa. Amusement Park
Iowa State Capitol
Places of interests of Idaho. Sun Valley
Yellowstone National Park
Places of interests of Wyoming. Tower of the Devil
Grand Teton National Park
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States of the United States of America

1. States of the United States of America

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2. Kansas

- state in the central United States, one of the Midwestern states.
Population - 2.688 million people (2000).
Kansas is bordered to the east with the state of Missouri, in the west Colorado, in the north - with the state of Nebraska, in the south - with the state of
State nickname: "Podsolnuhovy state".
Flag of Kansas

3. Places of interests of Kansas. Street Library

Street Library in Kansas:
The facade of the library is very
interesting: he is designed as
a bookshelf with 24 books. Its
present appearance of the city
library acquired in 2004
and it cost $ 50 million. Library not
only acquired a new appearance, but
also expanded the range of services,
it appeared the conference room,
screening room, a cafe.
Kansas city public library
combines conventional library,
modern technology and education
center and an entirely justified, it is
considered the pride of the city and
one of the main places of interests
of Kansas.

4. Fairfax Bridge

Fairfax Bridge - famous bridge over the Missouri River, which
connects the conurbation cities of Kansas City (Kan.) and Kansas
City (Missouri).

5. Arkansas

- state of the Southern United States, belongs to the state of
South-West Centre. The population of 2.673 million people (2000). The
capital and largest city - Little Rock.
Official nickname - "Natural State".
Flag of Arkansas

6. Places of interests of Arkansas. Diamond Crater

Diamond Crater:
He is the only one in the world
where people can search for
diamonds in it - is a type of tourist
entertainment. 37.5 acres of arable
land plowed volcanic tubes available
to visitors to search for diamonds. The
first diamond was found in 1906,
farmer John Huddleston. On the
territory of the campground has
electricity, bath, toilet and even the
laundry room. Simple enough
equipment for the production of can
bring, you can buy at a local store or
rent for $ 2-3.

7. Museum of American Art

In this museum you can see the
impressive collection of American art
objects from the era of colonization to
the present day: John Singleton Copley’s
paintings, landscapes and portraits by
Thomas Moran, Thomas Ikensa, John
Singer Sergeant, sculpture Mark di
Sovereign and installation by Jenny
The museum consists of 5 galleries:
Colonial, Contemporary, a gallery of the
19th century, the Modern and a gallery
of works announced.

8. Iowa

- The 29th U.S. state in the Midwestern states in the group of North-
West Centre. The staff is located in the area between the major rivers - the
Mississippi and Missouri. It is bordered by Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska,
Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin.
State Nickname: "Hawkeye State“.
Flag of Iowa

9. Places of interests of Iowa. Amusement Park

Amusement Park:
This park owned by a family.
Amusement Park opened in
late 1974 despite the abundance
of tornadoes in the area. The
founder of the park Jack Krantz died
in January 2006. On its territory there
are more than 100 attractions and
venues for the show are four roller
coasters and four water rides.

10. Iowa State Capitol

At the Capitol meets the
Iowa General Assembly, consisting
of the House of Representatives and
the Senate of the State of Iowa. It
also is an office of the governor of
Iowa. The current Capitol
building was built in the years 18711886 by architects John
Cochrane and Alfred Pikenara.

11. Idaho

- U.S. state in the Pacific Northwest in a group of mountain states. The main
branches of the state's economy are agriculture, in large part represented by the cultivation
of potatoes, mining, scientific and technical sector. Sate of Idaho also was July 3, 1890,the
43rd in a row.
Due to the abundance of natural resources, the nickname of Idaho - “State-gem”
Currently, the state is one of the most "Republican" in the country.
Flag of Idaho

12. Places of interests of Idaho. Sun Valley

Very popular with tourists and
skiing first winter resort in Sun Valley
in state of Idaho. Here, in ”Sun Valley”
in autumn 1936 was established the
world's first chairlift for skiers. In the
"Sun Valley" rested stars such as Clark
Gable, Errol Flynn, Marilyn Monroe
and many others. The resort is
constantly developing, built new
facilities and upgraded old ones. Today
"Sun Valley" - a very popular modern
ski resort.

13. Yellowstone National Park

International Biosphere Reserve, the
world's first national park, grounds
March 1, 1872. The park is famous for
the numerous geysers and other
geothermal sites, rich in wildlife,
spectacular landscapes. The area of ​the
park - 898.3 thousand hectares. The
park grows about two thousand species
of plants, there are several hundred
species of mammals, birds, reptiles and
fish, including endangered. Most of the
territory covered by forest, lower - the
steppe. There are numerous
opportunities for recreation.

14. Wyoming

- High altitude in the western U.S. state of belonging to the group of
so-called Mountain states. The capital and largest city -Cheyenne. About 16% of the
state is covered by forest, including valuable species of trees are found stranded
softwood pine, Douglas and poplar.
Official nickname - "The state of equality." The official motto - "Equal Rights".
Flag of Wyoming

15. Places of interests of Wyoming. Tower of the Devil

It has long been regarded as the
devil tower of strength and a place of
worship. It is amazing the correct form,
and it seems that is composed of
separate stone pillars. In fact, the rock,
though an unusual shape, but is
understandable origin. This is the result
of a volcanic eruption, which was about
200 million years ago. Only the top two
men subdued: in the 19th century it was
able to climb a local resident, and in
1938 they succeeded J. Dyurransu.
Devil's Tower is inaccessible for

16. Grand Teton National Park

National Park, USA. The park is
named in honor of the Grand Teton
Mountains, the highest mountain in
Teton mountain range, altitude 4197m.
For a relatively small area in the summer
offers almost all kinds of outdoor
activities: rafting, trekking, fishing, rock
climbing, bike trails, horseback riding. In
the winter ski resort operates Jackson
Hole, one of the favorite resorts of the
Americans. You can just take a ride on a
good road and enjoy the magnificent
mountain scenery...

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