Adverbial clauses
What is an Adverbial clause?
Adverbial Clause of Result
Clause of comparison
Adverbial Clause of Manner
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Adverbial clauses

1. Adverbial clauses

By Bazarbek Yerkezhan

2. Plan

3. What is an Adverbial clause?

A group of words which
contains a subject and a
finite verb (the main verb in
a sentence) that describes a
verb, an adjective and
another adverb

4. Adverbial Clause of Result

5. Examples

1.Colin was so weak that he
could not run.
2.It was such a strange story
that no one believed it.

6. Clause of comparison

They answer the questions HOW MUCH?,
HOW LITTLE?. The principal conjunctions
are AS, AS THOUGH/IF, AS.....AS,
SO.....AS and structures of comparison. If
there is doubt or unreality, the past tense
is used. Sometimes, an inversion
subject/verb is produced

7. Examples

1.He is older than he looks.
2.No one can run faster than Raman.
3.You may do as you please.
4.It all ended as I expected.
5.As he has lived so he will die.

8. Adverbial Clause of Manner

These clauses are
introduced by as,
as if and as though

9. Examples

1.Please do as I have told you.
2.He cries as if he were mad.
3.She speaks as though he were the
The subjunctive is used after as if
and as though


Find the adverb clauses
in these sentences. What
are their meanings (time,
place...)? If it is a reduced
adverb clause, add the
missing words.


• 1.I am happier than I ever was before.
• 2.That horse is more obstinate than a mule.
• 3.Ben fields baseballs better than he hits.
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