‘‘Fauna of Kazakhstan’’
Kazakhstan has all climate zones: deserts and semi deserts, steppes and forests, beautiful lakes and rivers.
Kazakhstan’s fauna
The golden rules in groups.
Where do animals live?
Animals and birds such as
Give one word that means:
Синквейн (cinquain)
Home task:
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Fauna of Kazakhstan

1. ‘‘Fauna of Kazakhstan’’


2. Kazakhstan has all climate zones: deserts and semi deserts, steppes and forests, beautiful lakes and rivers.

3. Kazakhstan’s fauna

The fauna of the
country is different.
Kazakhstan’s fauna is
unique. The variety of
fauna is caused by the
geographical position
of the republic


On open spaces of our country it is possible
to meet about 500 kinds of birds, 178 kinds
of animals, 51 kinds of reptiles, 12 kinds of
amphibians, and in the rivers and lakes –
150 kinds of fishes.


There are more then thousand
kinds of insects. Mollusks,
worms, spiders, crustaceous
and others living in
Kazakhstan are not less than
30 thousand kinds.


Game “Animal experts”
This is a little cow.
Pass it to your neighbour and say
the name of any animal.
The rules of the game are: you
must say the word quickly and
not repeat the names.

7. The golden rules in groups.

Be active
Be attentive
Be emotional
Don’t interrupt each other
Don’t say “I don’t”
First think then speak


Method “ We know”
We know
We want to know Now I know that

9. Where do animals live?

Our country is home for many animals.


And water fowl birds such as

11. Animals and birds such as

12. Give one word that means:

1. A large area of sand. –
2. A narrow part of land at a sea or an ocean. –
3. A large area of land that is covered with trees
4. A very high hill –
5. A large area of flat dry land. –
6. Earth with the countries, people, animals, plants.
7. All the plants of an area. –
8. All the animals of an area. –
9. Animals living in natural conditions, plants
growing in natural conditions. -

13. Answers:


a desert
a coast
a forest
a mountain
a plain
wild life

14. Синквейн (cinquain)

Rule writing cinquain
1. Noun
2. Two adjectives
3. Three verbs.
4. The fourth line - a phrase of four words
showing your opinion to the topic
5. Synonym of the first line which repeats
the essence of the theme.


New words
Hedgehog - [ ˈhedʒ.hɒɡ ] кірпі
sand grouse - [ sænd, ɡraʊs ] – құм
lark - [ lɑːk ] – бозторғай
ounce - [ aʊns ] – ирбис
ibex - [ ˈaɪbeks ] – тауешкі
Snow cock - [ snəʊ, kɒk ] – қар
snow vulture- snəʊ ] , ˈvʌl.tʃər ] – қар
moose - [ muːs ] – бұғы


Sable - соболь
Gazelle - газель
Lammergeyer - ламмергейер
Snow vulture – қар жыртқышы


Griffon vulture – гриф жыртқышы
Wheatear - каменка
Snow cock – қар құмырасы
Sand grouse – құм қиыршықтары


Transcaspian urial – Транскаспийлік арқар
Chipmunk - бурундук
Caracal cat – каракал мысығы
Finch - зяблик


Fauna in Kazakhstan
Only in Kazakhstan live such rare animals as Transcaspian urial ,
long-needle hedgehog and some wild cats: caracal and desert cat.
Here is a lot of slim goitred gazelles, deserted birds - black-tailed
sand grouse, Pallas sand grouse, wheatear and larks.
The slopes of Northern Tien Shan are covered with fur-tree woods,
and Western Tien Shan - with the low bushes and meadows; the
gorges have apple- and nut-trees with woods, the tops are covered
with eternal snows and glaciers.
Only here it is possible to meet fury ounce, Tien Shan brown bear,
Siberian ibex, and from birds - famous lammergeyer, the scope of
which wings reaches more than three meters, Snow cock (it calls
also mountain turkey), snow vulture, griffon vulture, favorite of
the Kazakh hunters - golden eagle, high-mountainous finches,
chough and Alpine chough.
In the Altai mountains of Kazakhstan, covered with taiga woods
you will meet a giant moose, beautiful maral, our smallest deer musk deer, famous sable, chipmunk.


True or False
1. Only in Kazakhstan lives shortneedle hedgedog
2. The slopes of Northern Tien Shan
covered with fur-tree woods.
3. the tops are covered with snows
and glaciers.
4. Only here it is possible to meet
wolf, foxes.
5. Snow cock also calls mountain bird.
6. In the Altai mountains of
Kazakhstan, covered with taiga woods
possible meet a giant moose.


Grammar revision: There is (are)
There is и there are используют, когда
хотят сказать, что что-то существует
(или не существует) или находится
Подлежащее (предмет, о котором идет
речь) ставится после глагола, а на
первое место ставится слово there.
There is a great variety of fauna in
В Казахстане большое разнообразие
представителей животного мира.



Exercise 1.
Put the is or are
1. There _____ two cups of tea on the table.
2. There _____ some milk in the cup.
3. There _____ an orange in the salad.
4. There _____ six balls in the box.
5. There _____ some cheese on the plate.
6. There ______ a blue chair at the door.
7. There _____ five chicks and a hen on the
8. There _____ a table and nine desks in the
9. There _____ a big window to the left of
the door.
10. There _____ three rooms in our country


Exercise 2.
Write in There's / There’re.
1. _________ some sandwiches in the
2. _________ a biscuit on the plate.
3. _________ some jam on the table.
4. _________ some cornflakes in the
5. _________ some sugar in the glass.
6. _________two boys at school.

25. Home task:

To learn by heart rules
and the new words.
Our lesson is over.
Good bye!
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