Elizabeth I
Hobbies, Interesting Facts
Lady of the Seas
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Elizabeth I

1. Elizabeth I

2. Information

• Birth: 1533
• Father – Henry VIII
• Mother – Anna Boleyn

3. Hobbies, Interesting Facts

• She loved hunting and dancing. She traveled a lot
round the country
• William Shakespeare's plays were written in the
years of her reign.
• Queen Elizabeth's reign was also famous for arts
and theater development.

4. Diplomacy

• Elizabeth continued to maintain the diplomatic
relations with the Tsardom of Russia. She often
wrote to Ivan IV (the Terrible).

5. Lady of the Seas

• King Henry VII created the Royal Navy(Флот).
Henry VIII encouraged the sea trade. But Only in the
reign of Elizabeth England turned into a sea power.

6. Death

• Elizabeth I died in Richmond Palace in 24 March in
• She was Buried (похоронена) in Westminster
Abbey in 28 April 1603.
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