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The most unusual houses all over the world




Building grand
piano and violin
It" musical" the
building in the form
of a grand piano
and a violin – a
unique, surprising
and beautiful
It is located in the
city of Huainan, in
China. The main
building is in a
grand piano made of
black glass, and in a
violin from
transparent glass
the ladder is



The amazing house is in the State
of Tennessee. It represents
entertainment center and is very
popular among residents of the
USA and Canada. There is a mass
of entertainments: the room with
earthquake measuring six balls
imitation, the room for
meditations, a virtual roller
coaster, everywhere chairs hang
down from a ceiling. In other
words, "all head over heels".


House basket
The building appearance which represents a basket is located in
the USA in the State of Ohio. And it that other, as headquarters of
the Longaberger company, being the leader in America in
production of baskets.In fact, this architectural monument is the
biggest basket in the world. The area which was occupied by the
building makes 180 thousand sq.m. On construction it buildings
left nearly two years.
Projecting of the building was made so that looks as a basket to
the trifles, even handles lie as at the real basket.


This private house,
built in 1861,
became the main
attraction of the
commune of
Plougrescant in
France. The
structure actually
looks unusual: it is
located on a small
island and is
sandwiched on two
sides by cliffs that
protect it from wind
and storms. Home
owners, tired of the
special attention
and the influx of
visitors, but to
admire it from you
and no ban!


"The turned house"
The turned house" — the mystical museum in the State of
Tennessee. That costed only by history of its creation!The building
was once research laboratory and was on one of islands near the
Bermuda Triangle. Scientists who worked and made experiments
in this building, the whirlwind, huge was created by a tornado, but
they didn't calculate its force. The whirlwind picked up the house,
and it landed, almost intact, on the roof.



In some parts of the world was
born custom house.
It shows that modern humans
have a very unusual fantasy.
There are wonderful, fabulous
and frightening. Some even like a
puzzle, some houses were built on
the trees.
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