Проект- презентация «Самый – самый…»
The best profession.
The greatest of arts is teaching.
The best profession.
The most creative teacher.
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The best profession

1. Проект- презентация «Самый – самый…»

Проект подготовили:
Снетов А.
Саенко Д.
Растегаева А.
Толчева Е.
Лобановская Т.
Голубцова И.
Поляруш И.


The project is made by:
Snetov А.
Sayenko D.
Rastegayeva А.
Tolcheva Е.
Lobanovskaya Т.
Golybtsova I.
Polyarush I.

3. The best profession.

4. The greatest of arts is teaching.

When you leave school you understand that the time to choose your future profession has come. It’s
not an easy task to make the right choice of a job. I have known for a long time that leaving school is
the beginning of my independent life, the beginning of a far more serious examination of my abilities
and character.
I have asked myself a lot of times: “What do I want to be when I leave school?” A few years ago it was
difficult for me to give a definite answer. As the years passed I changed my mind a lot of times about
which science or field of industry to specialize in. It was difficult to make up my mind and choose one
of the hundreds of jobs to which I might be better suited.
A couple of years ago I wanted to become a doctor. I thought it was a very noble profession. I was
good at biology and chemistry in the 8th and 9th forms. I wanted to help people who had problems with
health. I knew that a doctor should be noble in work and life, kind and attentive to people, responsible
and reasonable, honest and prudent. A doctor, who is selfish, dishonest, can’t be good at his
profession. I tried to do my best to develop good traits in myself.
Now I have already decided what to do. I’d like to be a teacher. I know that it’s very difficult to become
a good teacher. You should know perfectly the subject you teach, you must be well-educated and wellinformed. An ignorant teacher teaches ignorance, a fearful teacher teaches fear, a bored teacher
teaches boredom. But a good teacher develops in his pupils the burning desire to knowledge. As
John Steinbeck once said, a great teacher is a great artist and you know how few great artists there
are in the world. Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts. It’s a great responsibility to bring up
children. I think that’s the reason why teachers are deeply respected.
O and more people realize that every educated person should know a foreign language. That’s why
I’m going to become an English teacher. I always remember these famous words and I’m going to
teach them to my pupils: “ He, who doesn’t know a foreign language, doesn’t know his own
(Rastegayeva A.,18)

5. The best profession.

Nobody knows how to make steel or to grow crops, but everybody knows how
to treat people and to teach children. So, some people think that the profession
of a teacher is very easy. They are greatly mistaken because a teacher must
have many gifts. It`s not enough to have a deep knowledge of the subject and
of thousands of other things. To be a good teacher you need some qualities of
a good actor: you must be able to hold the attention and the interest of your
audience, you must be a clear speaker, with good, strong, pleasant voice,
which is fully under your control, and you must be able to act what you are
teaching. A good teacher doesn`t sit motionless before his class: he stands, or
walks about, using his arms, hands and fingers to help him in his explanations,
and his face to express feelings. But a teacher, unlike an actor, cannot learn
his part by heart, he must invent as he goes along.
A teacher must understand and love children and be a good psychologist. He
must know how to communicate with 11 kinds of children and be tolerant to
them. Besides, he should have a good sense of humour, inventive mind and
rich imagination. He must always be ready to give his energy, knowledge, time
and heart to his pupils. To cut the long story short, the profession of a teacher
is far from sugar and only real enthusiasts choose it.
(Golubtsova Irina, 17)

6. The most creative teacher.

My English teacher is Velina
Zinaida Pavlovna. She has a soul
very close to a seventeen – year –
old’s, which makes her students
feel like she is more of a friend that
a strict teacher. This feeling creates
an the classroom. She is always
willing to help her students with
their personal problems.
When it comes to the educational
process, Velina Zinaida Pavlovna
makes it more fun that a task. In her
teaching, our teacher goes by Mark
Twain’s famous quote, “I never let
my schooling interfere with my
education.”Our teacher makes us
realise that although school is
important, there is also a real word,
and that we have to be creative and
rely on ourselves to succeed.


Nadezhda Yurjevna
Karavaytseva is, quite honestly,
the most dedicated, talented
and inspiring teacher I’ve ever
had. She is young and up - to date on everything. She
became a teacher because she
realised teaching was what she
truly wanted to do. In her class,
I learned things about writing
and literature that I never
imagined – how books written
decades ago still apply to
society today , and to my life
specifically. She has taught me
to love and appreciate
literature. If I could, I would go
to her lessons every day!
( Tolcheva K. 17)


Teachers… there are so many different
types. Are there some we dislike at the
time, but realise afterwards how much
we learned from them? In my case this
was true. I thought that I was very
unlucky to have Gora Nina Leonidovna
because I was not particularly fond of
her teaching methods. Now I realise that
she had a positive influence on me. If
she had not been so strict with us, I
wouldn’t have learned so many
important skills. The most important was
how to be neat and organised , which
was one of my weakest areas. I also
learned how to take notes, and how to
become a more responsible person. The
most important lesson she taught me
that the best things for you are not
always enjoyable and some things in life
you must tolerate, even if you find them
difficult. As my teacher always used to
say, “You can’t have your cake and eat it
(Polyarush I, 16)
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