Fate - music
Fate – KINO group
Group «The Beatles»
glemm- Rock group«KISS»
Hard – fate – group«Scorpions»
group «Metallica»
PUNK – Rock group «Gaza Strip»
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Fate - music

1. Fate - music

The presentation was executed by the student 1D
group of Lazareva Anastasiya .

2. Fate – KINO group

3. Fate-music

– music was born in 60 – the X years
of the XX century in the USA and Great
FATE – MUSIC gradually became a subject
of self-expression of the younger
generation: the youth movements which
with the help fate – music could say about
the problems, about the relation to life,
society, about the interests, that doesn't
suit them were born.

4. Group «The Beatles»

The group was born in 1959
in Liverpool (Great Britain).
The first group which caused
interest to fate – N – to a
beater at youth. Structure of
group: John Lennon, Paul
McCartney, George Harrison,
Ringo Starr.
Tours: Paris, USA, Denmark,
Holland, Hong Kong, Austria,
New Zealand, Canada. In
1965 the English royal house
awarded the order to "For
God and Empire" group.

5. glemm- Rock group«KISS»

The American group,
was created in 1972.
Structure of group:
Gene Simmens, Peter
Chris, Paul Stanley,
Freyli's Ace.
"Our task – to help listeners to be exempted from
pressure of thought processes as it prevents them to
relax properly" - musicians spoke.


"KISS" appeared on a scene in
the form of four effectively
dressed monsters which faces
were hidden by a make-up –
Simmons "pangolin", Stanley
"handsome man", Freyli
"space", Chris "cat".

7. Hard – fate – group«Scorpions»

The German group, is formed in 1965.
In Gonnovere. Acted with concerts in
the different countries. During
reorganization the group visited the
Soviet Union, gave concerts in Moscow
and Leningrad.
In 2000 the group let out an album
with the Berlin symphonic orchestra,
wrote down the songs in symphonic
In total group wrote down 19 albums.

8. group «Metallica»

American fate – the group, is
formed in 1981.
Structure: James Hatfild (vocal)
Kirk Hammett (guitar)
Cliff Barton (a bass – a guitar)
Lars Ulrich (percussions).
In 1991 the group visited with a
concert Moscow.
The group of 13 albums let out.

9. PUNK – Rock group «Gaza Strip»

It is founded in 1987 in
Structure: Yury Klinskikh
Alexey Ushakov
Sergey Tupikin
Igor Kushchev
In 1984 let out the punk –
the opera "Koschei the
In 2000 Yury Klinskikh's
death from a heart attack
stopped activity of group. I
let out 17 albums.
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