Hotel Amanwana
Special features of the hotel
Our hotel has rooms type:
Why unusual?
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Hotel Amanwana

1. Hotel Amanwana

2. Special features of the hotel

In the center of the town, near the famous
avenue Kurfürstendamm and fair hall ICC.
West City. An ideal starting point for your
Berlin visit.

3. Our hotel has rooms type:

Comfort Room,
Standard Room,
Deluxe Room,
Single Room,
Double Room,
Twin Room

4. Infrastructure:

delivering the press,
luggage office,
meeting / banquet Facilities,
excursion Bureau

5. Price:

Comfort Room – 40 euro/night
Standard Room – 30 euro/night
Deluxe Room - 100 euro/night
Single Room +0 euro/night
Double Room +20 euro/night
Twin Room +30 euro/night

6. Why unusual?

The Artemisia hotel in Berlin is the first
German hotel for women only. Its modern
and comfortably furnished non-smoking
rooms are divided in different categories
ranging from standard to luxury. The hotel's
name is also its motto: Works of art by
contemporary female artists are exhibited
in the public rooms.
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