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Skeletal System - Functions
The Skeletal System
Human Skeleton
Axial Skeleton (80)
Appendicular Skeleton (126)
Types of Bone
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The Skeletal System

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2. Plan

1. Skeletal System functions
2. Human Skeleton
3. Types

3. Skeletal System - Functions

Support & shape to body
Protection of internal organs
Movement in union with muscles
Storage of minerals (calcium,
phosphorus) & lipids
Blood cell production

4. The Skeletal System

Know the Skeletal Anatomy
Axial Skeleton
Appendicular Skeleton
Surface Anatomy of the bone
By x-ray or diagram
Structure/function of joints, muscle and ligament
Including range of motion

5. Human Skeleton

206 Bones
Axial skeleton: (80 bones) in
skull, vertebrae, ribs,
sternum, hyoid bone
Appendicular Skeleton: (126
bones)- upper & lower
extremities plus two girdles
Half of bones in hands &

6. Axial Skeleton (80)

Ossicles of the
middle ear
Hyoid bone
Thorax or chest
Vertebral column

7. Appendicular Skeleton (126)

Upper Extremity (64)
Shoulder Girdle
Lower Extremity (62)
Pelvic Girdle

8. Types of Bone

Long bones: longer than they are wide; shaft & 2 ends
(e.g.: bones of arms & legs,except wrist, ankle & patella)
Short bones: roughly cube-shaped (e.g.: ankle & wrist
Sesamoid bones: short bones within tendons (e.g.: patella)
Flat bones: thin, flat & often curved (e.g.,: sternum,
scapulae, ribs & most skullbones)
Irregular bones: odd shapes; don't fit into other classes
(e.g.: hip bones & vertebrae)


The skull
8 sutured bones in cranium
Facial bones: 13 sutured bones,
1 mandible
encases brain
attachments for muscles


Vertebral column
7 cervial vertebrae
12 thoracic
5 lumbar
1 sacrum (5 fused)
1 coccyx (4 fused)
Vertebrae vary in size and morphology



1.Skeleton of limbs - a set of hard tissues, serving as a
support for moving parts of the body. The skeleton of
the extremities is divided into the skeleton of the
shoulder girdle and upper limbs and the skeleton of the
pelvic girdle and lower limbs. Скелет конечностей совокупность твердых тканей, служащих опорой для
подвижных частей тела. Скелет конечностей
подразделяют на скелет плечевого пояса и верхних
конечностей и скелет тазового пояса и нижних
2. Jaws- upper and lower jaws; The largest bones of the
facial part of the skull, which determine its
shape.Челюсти - верхняя и нижняя челюсти; самые
крупные кости лицевого отдела черепа,
определяющие его форму.


3.Fixed joints of bones - fusion of bones or joints of
bones with sutures. Неподвижное соединение костей
- срастание костей или соединение костей швами.
4.The spine is the axial skeleton of a person. The spine
consists of 32-34 vertebrae, interconnected by
cartilages, joints and ligaments, or fused.Позвоночник
- осевой скелет человека. Позвоночник состоит из 3234 позвонков, соединенных между собой хрящами,
суставами и связками или срастающихся
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