Kazan National Research University
Students and teachers
Institute of Computer Technology and Information Protection
Advantages and disadvantages
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Kazan National Research University

1. Kazan National Research University

The work was made
by Dmitry Moiseev
Group №4110

2. University

KAI is a Technical University. It prepares students who
knows what to do. University gives them excellent
studying, encourages sport, different activities.
So, KAI-wings for life.

3. Location

KAI is situated in Kazan-capital of Tatarstan

4. Students and teachers

There are about 1000 teachers and 17000
students in KAI

5. Instituses

1)Institute of Aviation , Land Transport and Energy
2)Institute of Automation and electronic engineering
3)Institute of Computer Technology and Information Protection
4)Institute of Radio Electronics and Telecommunications
5)Institute of Economics, Management and Social Technologies
6)Physics and Mathematics faculty

6. Institute of Computer Technology and Information Protection

I am a student of Institute of Computer Technology and
Information Protection.
It is the best institute of KAI, I think

7. Subjects

The main subjects of our Institute are high mathematics,
computer science now.
But more, we have Russian, Cultural studies, History,
English, P. E, Engineering graphics

8. Advantages and disadvantages

What I like: military department, Good future
profession after university
What I do not like: little breaks, difficult tasks, huge
attention for extracurricular activities.
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