The British Museum
The British Museum
The British Museum
The British Museum
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The British Museum

1. The British Museum

• In the UK, a huge
number of
museums, many of
which have free
• One of the most
famous - the British
Museum in London,
which was founded
in 1753

2. The British Museum

It is a museum of human history
and culture. His collection - one
of the largest in the world and
represent different continents.
Firstly, it is a huge library with 6
or 7 million books, which is
considered one of the biggest in
the world. According to British
law, every book, pamphlet or
periodical published in Britain,
should be kept in this museum.
Secondly, the British Museum - it
is a scientific institution, known
as the Museum of Natural
History, which presents a
collection of international
importance. This place inspires
people to think differently about
the environment and take better
care of our planet.

3. The British Museum

• . the British Museum has a
wonderful art gallery puts a
unique collection of sculptures,
ceramics, drawings and paintings.
There is also a large collection of
Italian paintings.
Tate Gallery, which was founded in
1897, represents contemporary
artists in England and France.
There is an amazing collection of
French Impressionists. The
museum also has samples of
modern sculpture

4. The British Museum

• London Gallery in
London, founded in
1824, has a rich
collection of over 2,300
paintings dating from
the mid-13th century to
1900. It is located in
Trafalgar Square.
There you can find the
masterpieces of
Gainsborough, Turner,
Constable, as well as
works of French,
Spanish, Dutch and
Flemish masters.
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