Music in my life
Musical styles are different
Eurovision contest
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Music in my life

1. Music in my life


Music is very important in my life.I often
listen music,it depence on my mood.

3. Musical styles are different

For example:pop,rock,techno,jazz,classical,hip-hop and
many more. My favorite musical style is rock. Rock is famous
in all the world.My favorite groups are AC/DC ,Green Day ,
Nickelback and 30 Seconds To Mars.I listen to rock because
it's relaxing and make me energetic.


The Beatles were John Lennon,Paul McCartney,George
Harrison and Ringo Starr.They were from Liverpool,the
UK. Their group was founded in 1960 and in 1970 the
group broke up.
Their most famous song is "Yesterday".

5. Hip-Hop

Eminem is the most famous hip- hop artist.He was
born in October 17, 1972.Once he starred in the film.
His most popular songs are "Beautiful", "Legacy"
and "Monster".

6. Pop

Michael Jackson-the most famous artist in the history of
the pop music.People call him the "King of pop". He
lived in Los-Angeles . He born at 1958 and died at 2009.

7. Eurovision contest

Yuri Nawrocki -took part in Eurovision contest in
2015.I propose you to listen to his song "Time".
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