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My favorite books

1. My favorite books


is a dystopian novel by Yevgeny Zamyatin
completed in 1921.


We is set in the future. D-503, a
engineer, lives in the One State, an urban
nation constructed almost entirely of
glass, which assists mass surveillance.
The structure of the state is Panopticonlike. People march in step with each
other and are uniformed. There is no way
of referring to people save by their given
numbers. The society is run strictly by
logic or reason as the primary
justification for the laws or the construct
of the society.The individual's behaviour
is based on logic by way of formulas and
equations outlined by the One State.


Harry Potter is a series of fantasy novels
written by British author J. K. Rowling. The
novels chronicle the life of a young wizard,
Harry Potter, who is student at Hogwarts
School of Witchcraft and Wizardry . The
main story arc concerns Harry's struggle
against Lord Voldemort, a dark wizard who
intends to subjugate all wizards and
first novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's
Stone, was first published in 1997

5. my favorite part

Harry meets Dobby, a house-elf who
warns him bad things will happen
if he returns to Hogwarts.
Potter hears strange voices and later
finds and a message written in
blood announcing the "Chamber
of Secrets has been opened,
Enemies of the Heir, beware".
one of Hogwarts' founders,
Salazar Slytherin, constructed a
secret Chamber and placed
inside it a monster that only his
Heir can control, to purge the
school of impure-blooded
wizards and witches. More
attacks occur over the course of
the year.
Soon Harry and his friends face new
adventures, trying to defeat the
dark forces.

6. Doctor Zhivago

is a novel by Boris
Pasternak, first published
in 1957 in Italy. The novel
is named after its
protagonist, Yuri Zhivago,
a physician and poet, and
takes place between the
Russian Revolution of
1905 and the Civil War.


The story begins in Tsarist Russia in the
early 1900s and is set primarily
against the backdrop of the Russian
Revolution of 1917 and the
subsequent Russian Civil War of
1918–1921. The title character is
poet and doctor Yuri Zhivago, who
first sees Lara (a young woman from
Moscow) from the window of a café.
This book is about love, about Russia,
about the Russian intelligentsia.
Through the intertwining of the
destinies of the sets shown dramatic
story of unrequited love. Human
shadows flit, leaving only a vague
outline of the individual human
destiny is inextricably linked with
revolution, war, deprivation...
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