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Blockchain Experience – Our Team
Blockchain Experience – Our Team
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Seasoned Leadership – Our Team
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Safe Harbour
Certain statements in this presentation relating to the Company’s operating and business plans
are "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of securities legislation. They include
statements regarding the near and long term value of the Company, future development by the
Company, future operating activities, performance of the cryptocurrency market, advancement
of the decentralized applications, valuation of the initial coin offerings, future valuation multiples
and estimates of future cash flows, operating costs, capital expenditures, and the viability of the
Company’s business. The Company does not intend, and does not assume any obligation, to
update these forward-looking statements, except as required by applicable securities legislation.
These forward-looking statements represent management's best judgment based on current facts
and assumptions that management considers reasonable, including that operating and capital
plans will not be disrupted by issues such as unavailability of labour, labour disturbances or the
inability to obtain clients, that there are no material unanticipated variations in budgeted costs,
and that contractors will complete projects according to schedule. The Company makes no
representation that reasonable business people in possession of the same information would
reach the same conclusions. Forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks,
uncertainties and other factors which may cause the actual results, performance or achievements
of the Company to be materially different from any future results, and performance or
achievements expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements. In particular, changes in
the cryptocurrency markets could prevent the Company from achieving its targets.

3. Blockchain Technology Company

Blockchain Technology
• Aug. 21, 2017 - 1040433 B.C. Ltd. announced that it had entered
into a letter of intent relating to the acquisition of eXeBlock
Technology Inc. ("eXeBlock”) through a reverse takeover
• Principal business carried on by eXeBlock is the development
and operation of blockchain software, also known as
decentralized applications (“DApp”).

4. Decentralized Applications

• Decentralized technology recently emerged as a viable
alternative to traditional centralized transaction
• eXeBlock’s management team and developers are
recognized leaders in the development of decentralized
blockchain applications
• eXeBlock is focused on creating DApps that can be used
across global markets and will generate recurring
revenue on a ‘per-use’ basis
• eXeBlock’s first-mover advantage is paramount


Applications to
Create Disruption
Blockchain technology
will disrupt all
transactional industries
there is a significant
opportunity for
eXeBlock to build
branded and whitelabel applications to be
used by companies
and organizations
across the globe
Illustrations: Lily Chow
Writer: Matthew Leising & Ed

6. Blockchain Market Opportunity

Blockchain Market Opportunity
• Blockchain technology is currently at stage where internet
was in 1994 a breakthrough technology platform promising
to add significant value across numerous industries
• IBM 2016 report suggests that 15 percent of all banks will be
using the technology in 2017. By 2020, the firm states that 66
percent of all banks will have blockchain in commercial
• Market and Markets report states that the blockchain
technology market size will be worth $2.3 billion by 2021,
increasing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 61.5
• eXeBlock offers an opportunity to invest in emerging

7. eXeBlock Market Opportunity

eXeBlock Market Opportunity
• The eXeblock team have been first-movers, delivering
blockchain based decentralized applications and building
industry relationships for the past five years
eXeBlock will be first Canadian public company focused on
development of disruptive DApps using blockchain
• Largest rewards will go to those that deliver business and
consumer applications as simple, easy to use end products
• The decentralized approach ensures that the end
user/customer constantly provides feedback and contributes
to on-going DApp development and improvements

8. eXeBlock Approach

eXeBlock Approach
• The eXeBlock executive team is highly experienced,
respected and well-known in the blockchain community
• eXeBlock linkings blockchain expertise with traditional
equity investment community
• Talent in blockchain is scarce. The eXeBlock team have a
proven ability to tap talent and idea flow in the blockchain
• CEO and CTO at the forefront of blockchain ecosystem
• eXeBlock is currently developing two disruptive DApps and
has a
significant pipeline of future projects

9. Blockchain Experience – Our Team

Blockchain Experience – Our Team
Jonathan Baha’i, President and CEO
• Internationally recognized as being at the forefront of
blockchain thinking
• Highly sought-after lecturer on blockchain technology and
digital currency, recently returned from speaking engagements
in Europe
• Early mover as founder of Peerplays in 2016 (PPY), raising $10
• 20+ years experience in the technology and
telecommunications industry
• Peerplays is world’s first eSport tournament and wagering
platform built entirely on blockchain. It will solve many online
gaming industry’s problems with a universally accessible
tournament and wagering platform built to capitalize on the
unmatched security, speed and flexibility of Graphene
blockchain. Unlike traditional online gaming websites, there is no
“house” in Peerplays. Everyone using the network is matched
against other real players from around the world.

10. Blockchain Experience – Our Team

Blockchain Experience – Our Team
Alexei Dulub, Development Team Leader
• Blockchain development leader with hands on
programming experience
• Founder of PixelPlex, a full stack development
• Provides leadership, oversight and direction to our
team of programmers
• His experience includes contributing to the
advanced features of PeerPlays and the Unity3D
gaming platform
• Graduate with a Masters in Computer Science from
Belarusian State University of Informatics and
Radioelectronics in 2007

11. Blockchain Experience – Our Team

Blockchain Experience – Our Team
Roman Bystrimovich, BlockchainBackend
• Senior Software Engineer with 6 years of experience
in web application and service architecture,
functional design, development, integration,
implementation and deployment
• Solid Blockchain background
• Experience in: methodology and standards
determination/implementation, system architecture
and structural optimization, development and
• In-depth understanding Object-Oriented
Programming and Design Patterns
• Proficient in Javascript, Node.JS, Solidity
• Solid knowledge of relational database
development, deployment, administration, and
• Experience in Mysql Server, Mongod, Apache, Nginx

12. Seasoned Leadership – Our Team

Seasoned Leadership – Our Team
Robert Randall, Chief Financial Officer
• Experienced public market CFO for both TSX and
TSX-V listed companies
• Previously a principal with
• Graduated with a Commerce Degree from Saint
Mary’s University in Halifax and obtained his CA
designation in 1987 with Coopers and Lybrand
Chartered Accountants where he was appointed
as a Principal in 1995
• Member of the Chartered Professional
Accountants of Canada and Nova Scotia and the
Chair of the Board of the Nova Scotia Sport Hall
of Fame

13. Seasoned Leadership – Our Team

Seasoned Leadership – Our Team
Ian Klassen, Director
• 25 years experience in public company
administration and management
• Implemented numerous media relationship
programs across several industries
• Current on building companies with innovative
technologies and solutions
• Former Senior Political Advisor to the Minister of
State (Transportation); and Chief of Staff, Office of
the Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons
• Mr. Klassen is an (Honours) B.A. graduate from the
University of Western Ontario and is a recipient of
the Commemorative Medal for the 125th Anniversary
of the Confederation of Canada in recognition of his
significant contribution to his community and

14. eXeBlock Business Model

eXeBlock Business Model
• Business model: eXeBlock is building DApps that utilize blockchain
technology - each DApp will incorporate a fee per use (imbedded)
revenue structure.
• eXeBlock is developing DApps with global market potential
• Pipeline of opportunities identified across several industries
• Opportunities to utilize Blockchain technology are vast and
market is wide-open. There is currently a void of usable
software applications that fully exploit the power and value
inherent in the technology
• eXeBlock will launch ‘white-label’ DApps for use by
organizations and corporations while maintaining a fee-per-use
revenue model

15. Dapps Currently Under Construction

Dapps Currently Under
eXe50/50 Draw
DApp that provides white label solution for 50/50 draws. This multi-language, multi-jurisdictional
platform utilizes blockchain technology and will be used by charitable groups and fundraising
organizations across the globe. Users will plug their database and lottery particulars into the 50/50
DApp enabling efficient, low cost, multi-jurisdiction on-demand fundraising. The platform is designed
to service numerous clients simultaneously. eXeBlock’s 50/50 platform will be launched and
marketed during Q-4 2017. eXeBlock will earn a fee on every transaction.
Freedom Ledger
The popularity and acceptance of cryptocurrencies are rapidly increasing, yet most individuals do not
have cryptocurrency accounts. Freedom Ledger is a blockchain based technology that will facilitate
transactions for users/customers that do not hold a cryptocurrency account. Freedom Ledger will
enable consumers with a traditional currency account to utilize various DApps. This technology will
significantly expand the consumer base for blockchain based DApps, and will be marketed to DApp
developers worldwide. eXeBlock’s Freedom Ledger platform will be launched and marketed during
Q-2 2018. eXeBlock will earn a fee on every transaction.
eXeBlock has 7 additional DApps in the future development pipeline

16. Dapp Marketing

Dapp Marketing
• eXeBlock’s communications and marketing partner is USA
based Spark PR, the recognised industry leader in
promoting blockchain technologies
• Spark has a special division dedicated to marketing
blockchain related companies
• Spark will lead branding and promotion of all eXeBlock
• Spark was responsible for branding and promoting
leading blockchain brands including EOS, Aragon,
Coindash, and Blockchain Capital

17. Dapp Development – Step 1

Dapp Development – Step 1
• White paper describing application, features, protocol and implementation
released publicly
• Responses from blockchain community and future end-users. Collecting
feedback for program refinement to ensure eXeBlock DApps have the features
and protocols that are in demand
Dapp Development – Step 2
• Refinement of the DApp. Real time input from the blockchain community
allows eXeBlock to finalize how the DApp should be developed, operated,
managed and costed. Feedback will also relate to potential demand, frequency
of use, competition and user types
Dapp Development – Step 3
• Launch of DApp and intensive marketing and PR campaign
• Decentralization processes will allow Dapp users to contribute knowledge and
continuously update the program without significant cost to eXeBlock

18. Continuous, Low-Cost Improvements & Value Generation

Continuous, Low-Cost Improvements
& Value Generation
• Power of the blockchain enables each DApp to operate under
open-source license allowing DApps to be open for innovation
without restrictions of copyright or patent
• DApps developed by eXeBlock will be continuously upgraded at
little cost to eXeBlock
• As more people use and value DApps, there will be significant
potential for positive returns for eXeBlock shareholders
• DApps developed by eXeBlock will continually generate revenue
on usage metrics and network performance

19. Acquisition of eXeBlock

Acquisition of eXeBlock
• 1040433 B.C. Ltd. will acquire all of the issued securities of
• eXeBlock will complete a non-brokered private placement for
10,000,000 common shares of eXeBlock at a price of $0.35, to raise
aggregate gross proceeds of $3,500,000
• Net proceeds from the Private Placement will be used by
eXeBlock to fund its software development and working capital
eXeBlock Technology Inc.
Summary of Holdings – Post Transaction
eXeBlock Shareholders
1040433 B.C. Ltd.
Placement - $0.35 Shareholders
Number of Shares

20. Common Terms Defined

Common Terms Defined
Blockchain-A type of distributed ledger, comprised of un-changeable, digitally recorded data in packages called
blocks. Each block is ‘chained’ to the next block, using cryptographic signature, allowing blockchains to be used
like a ledger, to be shared and accessed by anyone with appropriate permissions.
Cryptocurrency-A form of digital currency based on mathematics, using encryption techniques to regulate the
generation of units of currency and verify transfer of funds. Furthermore, cryptocurrencies operate
independently of central bank.
DApp-For an application to be considered a DApp it must meet the following criteria:
Be completely open-source, operate autonomously, and with no entity controlling the majority of its tokens. The application
may adapt its protocol in response to proposed improvements and market feedback but all changes must be decided by
consensus of its users.
Its data and records of operation must be cryptographically stored in a public, decentralized blockchain in order to avoid any
central points of failure.
Use a cryptographic token which is necessary for access to the application and any contribution of value from miners/farmers
should be rewarded in application’s tokens.
Must generate tokens according to standard crytptographic algorithm acting as proof the value nodes are contributing to
(Bitcoin uses Proof of Work Algorithm).
Distributed Ledger-A type of database spread across multiple sites, countries or institutions. Records are stored
one after the other in continuous ledger. Distributed ledger data can be either "permissioned" or
to control who can view it.
Mining-The process by which transactions are verified and added to blockchain. This process of solving
cryptographic problems using computing hardware also triggers release of cryptocurrencies.
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