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Policeman. Wear to work

1. Policeman

2. Wear to work

To fasten different
parts of clothing are
used sewn zippers,
Velcro, buttons. In the
output set, the
buttons of the
clothing are fastened
to all buttons. In
everyday you can
unbutton the top
button on the shirts
and zipper on the
jackets do not fully

3. Headdress

The head dresses of the uniform are a hat, a cap and a baseball cap. A
warm version of the latter is equipped with a fleece lining and details
protecting the ears. Women can wear a cap or a warm beret.


The male summer variant for an exit consists of woolen dark blue
trousers and silvery color of a tunic. On the head of a man must
put on a cap light gray. In the ranks, employees complement their
costume with a golden belt. The shirt is white, the tie is dark blue.


Women on the holiday wear a woolen skirt,
white blouse and tunic. A dark blue tie is an
essential attribute of a female outfit, if a
blouse with a long sleeve. In cold times, men
and women wear jackets, coats, raincoats.
Employees add to the set fur sarcophagus
hats. At ordinary employees they are dark
blue, and for high officers - gray. Girls also
wear fur hats. Details of outer clothing are
complemented by fur collars, which, if
necessary, can be unfastened. For the
employees we offer elegant woolen dresses
worn with a red kerchief outdoors. Scarves
are tied round the neck at a wide angle
forward, which should be tucked under the
top of the dress. Instead of skirts you can
wear uniform trousers. The skirt should not
be longer than and not below the knee, and
the heel should not be more than 4.5 cm.
The tights of the employee wear only beige.
Look at one of the variants of the female
form of the Russian police of a new pattern
in this photo - the lady-policemen look very


Detachments of special purpose wear black, komflirovannoy green and gray suits,
dark green, white with black flowers. If necessary, they wear hats, masks,
bandanas and special vests with many pockets. This helps the fighter to change his
appearance depending on the situation. For such employees, special footwear is
provided - boots, rubber boots.


Casual wear


Among the young guys are popular bows in the casual style. Youth
outfits are, as a rule, a combination of simple jeans with t-shirts,
sweaters or swiss shots. City style is extremely practical and
suitable for study and everyday absenteeism

9. Sport wear

Another alternative is sports style. Now they dress not only lovers of active sports,
but also those who prefer comfort to business images. This style is characterized by
simple knitwear, sports shoes and accessories. Many modern designers produce
sportswear and footwear lines.

10. The end.

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