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The company «Steko». Windows technology


windows technology
Plastic windows and doors
Aluminum doors and windows
Sliding systems
Aluminium facades
Winter gardens. The glass roof.
All-glass partitions. Glass doors
Fencing systems. railing
Sun blinds plastic Steko
Aluminum blinds
Aluminium gates


windows technology
The company «Steko»
More than seven years in different parts of Ukraine people see their horizons
through a stylish window «Steko».
Over the years of successful work we have managed to gain a foothold in the
market and win the trust of customers throughout Ukraine.
Since 2006 the company «Steko» manufactures plastic windows and doors
under the brand name «Steko».
The company's management has 16 years of experience in the window
The staff consists of more than 300 highly skilled production employees; more
than 70 regional managers; the general staff of the company - more than 500
professionals working steadily. The campaign has three production sites. It
produces more structures 500 000 per year. Performance 3000 designs in
sutki.My proud of the high quality materials. In the manufacture of products using
only the materials, the high quality of which is proved time and meets the
requirements of State Standard, Euro-pean standards. Such structures have a
high strength, have a longer lifespan.
As a product, a seven-year warranty on the windows, a high level of service,
support, and affordable prices expressed our respect for you.


windows technology
Palstic windows and doors.
The company «Steko» is engaged in manufacture of designs from three, four, five, six. seven-chamber
PVC systems for windows and doors.
Profile systems Steko created by modern technology, leading the industry, European companies.
Characterized by high performance in relation to aesthetics, functionality, reliability and quality.
Properties that meet the standards of the EU:
- shockproof;
- watertight;
- Degree of whiteness as well as properties that are important for the production process itself.
All are equipped with furniture design produced such famous brands as fittings and Roto company Axor;
energy-efficient and multifunctional glazing with glass company Guardian.


windows technology
Aluminum doors and windows.
- Aluminum structure:
- Lightweight and durable;
- Not prone to oxidation;
- Well behaved in all climatic conditions.
Due to the ease profile is possible to produce structures of any size
and complexity.
The company «Steko» offers aluminum profile construction of any
brand on the customer's choice.
Engineers-designer of our company will help you choose
exactly the profile that is right for you and on the technical
characteristics and cost.


windows technology
Sliding systems.
Sliding systems of aluminum do not require additional space for
opening the sash move in the same plane, moving one after
another. Sliding systems can be both cold and warm.
Opening types of such
- Sliding;
- Lifting and sliding;
- "Accordion".
It is also possible to produce sliding systems with automatic control.


windows technology
Aluminium facades
Facade glazing in modern design - it's not just the actual finishing
of facades, and winter gardens, staircases, skylights, dome
Aluminium facades - one of the main architectural features of a
modern building. Whether it's residential houses, office or administrative centers - modern building materials and technologies make
it possible to create almost any architectural forms in filling openings of buildings.
To satisfy all the wishes of customers in the
manufacture and installation of aluminum
structures, we use the profile and components
of leading European and domestic manufacturers, if you have any questions related to
the design, installation or constructive winter
garden, you can get advice from our experts by
calling us by visiting our office or inviting to
itself our expert.


windows technology
Winter gardens. The glass roof. Rooflights.
Winter Garden - this is quite a broad concept that includes
both non-standard glazing balcony or loggia small size and
construction of large detached or adjacent to the building of
translucent structures. With this universal translucent
structure may glaze greenhouse skylight, patio, swimming
pool, cafe, lounge, study, dining room, entrance hall, etc.
Rooflights (domes) - is one of the most advanced
technologies to create a system of natural lighting the inner
perimeter with minimal installation and maintenance.
Translucent structures on the roof of the building allows:
- To create a more efficient
natural lighting of interior
- Light travels from top to a
more uniform, intense and
contrast than the side;
- Energy savings;
- Create a system of natural
ventilation and smoke;


windows technology
All-glass partitions. Glass doors.
Glass partitions perform perfectly separation space into functional zones,
rooms or working places, besides they are practical, beautiful, light filled
space that elevates mood and performance. No wonder they are now, they
are so popular.
Modern design solutions turn an ordinary door into a magnificent addition
interiors of offices and houses.
Glass doors, thanks to its aesthetically pleasing appearance, provide unlimited scope for design and design.
Glass doors and structures can be:
- Transparent or opaque;
- Flat or volume pattern;
- Tinted or colored glass;
- SLR and film-coated.
Plenty of room for the flight design
idea is really great.


windows technology
Fencing systems. Railing
Aluminum railings, as well as all aluminum construc-tion,
resistant to scratches, they are not fingerprints, they do
not require special care products.
Variants of using fences of aluminum:
- fence for stairs; internal and external, and screw propulsion;
- fencing French balconies;
- enclosure for terraces, open areas;
- chippers for supermarkets;
- sectional fences filling.
Fences made of aluminum, anodized through a deep,
perfectly used in aggressive conditions, manufacturing
plants, seashore.
As the aluminum filling
system can also be used
transparent or tinted glass,
laminated glass,
polycarbonate or other


windows technology
Sun blinds plastic Steko
Plastic blinds from the company Steko - a reliable means of protection, which is achieved
through additional heat insulation, sound insulation, Skyshot. Shutters have a respectable
appearance, and certainly will decorate any facade.
Advantages of plastic shutters Steko:
- High thermal insulation and energy
- Protection against noise.
- Protection from the sun and dust.
- Durability in use.


windows technology
Aluminum blinds
Aluminum Rolling systems (in other words blinds or shutters) today used both
in private homes as well as in banks, commercial and industrial areas. Neat
design helps shutters combine them with any architectural design.
The company «Steko» offers you the Rolling systems Alutech, a variety of
product range which makes it possible to meet the needs of any customer
and in the financial and aesthetic terms.
Rolling systems on their functional purpose is divided into:
1) door and window shutters;
2) Rolled gates;
3) Rolling grille.
Control roller shutters can be either manual or automatic.
Rolling systems with manual transmission - the optimal solution for the room
with a few window openings, as well as the small size of the openings.
Automatic control provides the most convenient and versatile service shutters.
By simply pressing a button, you can control all shutters at the same time or
each separately. Intelligent control system - programmable timers, light and
heat, weather sensors - will provide increased comfort.


windows technology
Aluminium gates
The company «Steko» offers its clients Gate brand Alutech.
The variety of choice allows to satisfy even the most demanding
The product range includes:
- gate entries group (sliding gates, swing gates, fence sections);
- sectional doors (garage, industrial, gate in the facade).
Possible automation of all types of doors and gates.
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