The Department of Belarusian Philology
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The department of belarusian philology

1. The Department of Belarusian Philology


Senior lecturer Shved G. F., associate professor at the department Kuzmich O. A., senior lecturer
Savitskaya N. E., senior lecturer Kozlyakova T. A., senior lecturer Miksiuk R.V., lecturer Zhukovskaya T. V.,
head of department Rusak Olga Vladimirovna, laboratory assistant Shipko I.A., associate professor at the
department Fedortsova T.N., senior lecturer Guseva Olga Nikolayevna.


The Department of Belarusian Philology is a part of the
faculty of Print Technologies and Media Communications;
it is a structural subdivision that provides educational,
methodical, scientific, ideological work both at the faculty
PTMC and at the university as a whole.
The department employs 9 people, including 2 PhD;
2 associate professors, 5 senior lecturers, 2 lecturers.


Study disciplines, the teaching of which is provided
by the department of Belarusian Philology
Modern Belarusian language
Modern Russian language
Practical and functional stylistics of the Belarusian language
Practical and functional stylistics of the Russian language
History of Belarusian Literature
History of World Literature
Belarusian language (professional vocabulary)
Business etiquette and office work
Russian as a foreign language


Study programs
The department carries out a comprehensive educational and
scientific-methodological work on the philological disciplines
provided for the preparation of students in the specialty
Students of all engineering, technical and chemicaltechnological specialties are taught the disciplines “Belarusian
language (professional vocabulary)”, “Business etiquette and
office work”.
The staff of the department teaches Russian as a foreign
language to students, undergraduates of all specialties and
students of the preparatory department.


Research areas
Language and Literature in the system of professional
training of specialists-technologists, educational process of
intercultural communication


Cooperation proposals in the educational sphere
The specialists of the department invite foreign students to the
Russian language courses as foreign; it is possible to teach all levels of
knowledge of the Russian language – from basic to professional.


The courses of Russian as a foreign language includes not only
training, but also a rich sightseeing and cultural programme: visits to
museums, theatres, participation in festivals of creativity foreign
students, etc.


Cooperation proposals in the scientific sphere
Discursive practices in Belarus and linguistic behavior as a
social and cultural phenomenon


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