My student life
“Who gets up early in the morning, he is very far from the university lives!"
My students day
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My student life

1. My student life

Prepared a sudent
of group En-11:
Garasuk Vitaliy

2. “Who gets up early in the morning, he is very far from the university lives!"

“Who gets up early in the morning,
he is very far from the university


My name is Vitaliy. I’m 18 years old. I would like to say
some words about my university and my students life.
I am a student of the Lviv National Agrarian University.
This university is one of the oldest universities of
Ukrainian. Its history started in the XIX century.
Nowadays this university is one of the most
prestigious educational institutions of our country.


I study at the faculty of mechanics and energetics
technology. It is one of the University’s oldest faculties.
The faculty prepares specialists in the field of energetics
technology. The level of education in the Lnau University
meets high requirements of ukrainian employers.


The University takes an active part in student
exchange programs. It also takes part in
various research activities, scientific studies
and international conferences.

6. My students day

I live in hostel №4
in room №80. I
usually get up
nearly eight
o'clock. I do not
like to get up early,
but I have to,
because I have a
lot of work to do
during the day.


I make my bed, wash
my face, put my
clothes on and have
breakfast. I do not
like big breakfasts, I
prefer a cup of coffee
and a sandwich.Then
I go to university. I
have pair till three or
four o'clock, it
depends on a week


Then I come hostel
and have dinner. I like a
big dinner, because
when I come hostel
from university I am
hungry. After my
dinner, I play on my
guitar a couple of hours
and then I do my


Then I have free time.
I go for a walk with my
friends, or read books,
or play my favourite
computer games.I
usually go to bed at
about elven o'clock,
sometimes at twelve


Almost everyone has
good memories of
student life. It is even
more interesting to be
a student if you live in
a hostel. After the
classes they can play
the guitar and sing
songs. The ones, who
like dancing, go to
local discos. Others get
together simply to
chat and discuss the
topics they’ve learned.
Student life is never
boring. It is always full
of excitement and

11. Thanks for you attention

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