“DEXT” Group Of Companies
Package of Services
Cargo pick-up from the Supplier
Sea carriage
Custom Clearance
Delivery of the Cargo to the Client
Financial Support
Our methods
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“DEXT” Group of Companies

1. “DEXT” Group Of Companies


Group of Companies “DEXT” consists of:
Leading representative of the North-West of Russia (Certificate of inclusion in the Register of
Custom Agents № 0294/00 dated 09.02.2011)
Freight forwarding company, holding agent agreements with major shipping lines: Maersk,
CMA CGM, MSC, APL, China Shipping, FESCO
Logistic company - possesses temporary storage warehouses and own fleet vehicles
Started our business in 1996 we successfully perform our work in transport service industry
and customs clearance sphere, ever-improving our potential, skills, gaining experience,
improving professional and technical background. The staff of the company exceeds 200
high-caliber professionals. Monthly volume of the freights exceeds 500 containers.

3. Package of Services

1. Logistic Services:
Cargo pick-up from the Supplier
Cargo consolidation on warehouses in China and Europe
Execution of requested Export documentation
Sea carriage
Freight Insurance
Freight forwarding in the port of discharge
Custom Clearance of the cargo in Russia
Delivery to the Client
2. Custom Clearance of the Cargo on the territory of Russia
Preparation of the requested permission documentation
3. Financial Support:
Postponement of payment
Possibility to provide credit tranche to the Client

4. Process

Cargo pick
up from the
Delivery of the
cargo to the

5. Cargo pick-up from the Supplier

Arrangement of cargo pick-up from the Supplier
Storing on the consolidation warehouse
Execution of Export documentation

6. Sea carriage

Booking for the earliest vessel
Delivery of the cargo to the port of departure
Freight insurance
Loading of the container to the vessel

7. Custom Clearance

Custom clearance of your cargo on the territory of
the Russian Federation
Collection, preparation and execution of the
documents requested
Preparation of the requested permission
Payment of the custom fees and duties
Submitting of the customs declaration


Collection and preparation of the documents
requested for the customs clearance
Certification of Goods
Payment of fees and duties
Submitting of the documents to the Custom
Authorities for customs clearance
Release of the container

9. Delivery of the Cargo to the Client

Delivery of the cargo to the Client is performed by
the forces of our own logistic company
Delivery to any point of Russia
Company’s own warehouses – possibility to keep the
cargo before delivery
Repacking if requested
Survey support

10. Financial Support

Transfer funds, settlements with Supplier
Positive pass of cross-audit
Execution and issue of documents proving purchase
of goods from the resident of the Russian Federation
Possibility to provide to the Client a credit tranche,
postponement of payment

11. Our methods

Preliminary review of the task and assumed
Before starting cooperation we review and evaluate
the task set by the Client, we charge it against our
possibilities and possibilities of the Client. We
proceed only in case we are sure we can achieve the
requested result.


Decision making.
The work principle of our specialists is search, find
and make the most effective solutions for every of
our Clients, to care with respect to their resources.
The Client for us is - first of all – our Business Partner,
and we tend to reach the result – our cooperation
shall benefit the Client.


Professional approach is a continuous improvement
of knowledge and experience in the sphere of
International Economic Activity. We keep a sharp
lookout for the situation and up-to-date condition on
the Customs, going on improvement of the quality
services provided and expand the scope of our


Strict observance of confidential information
received from our Clients is one of the main
standards of the work of DEXT Co.


We are responsible for the Client.
“DEXT” is responsible for the quality of work
performed by its specialists. In our opinion
transparency, competence and honesty are
necessary factors for development of long-termed,
efficient and fruitful business relations.
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