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The role of project work in learning English


«The role of project
work in learning
English ».


Relevance of the research work.
In accordance with the needs of modern
society, special attention is paid to the
education of an educated, creative person
who is able to develop and improve himself. A.
Baitursynov in his work" school data
"wrote:".....What a teacher, what a school,
what a subject. That is, if the teacher is
educated, he wants to get more knowledge
from the school. After that, the first thing that a
school needs is a teacher who is
knowledgeable, knows pedagogy,
methodology, and knows how to teach well."


The object of the study is
to make sure of its necessity
and significance, to develop
students ' speech culture and
competencies using the
scientific project in an
English language lesson in a
general secondary school.
The subject of the research
is the methodology of
teaching students the types
of speech activity in
with each other through the
effective use of a scientific
project in a foreign language
lesson in a general
secondary school.


Project objectives:
1. Learn English.
2.describe the advantages of using effective
The object of the research is the importance of the
scientific project in English-the effective use of
language development work
Research methods:
1) analysis of special literature on the project topic;
2) working with internet sources;
3) survey;


The role of project work in learning English
A project is an extended piece of work on a particular
topic where the content and the presentation are
determined principally by the learners. The method of
projects appeared at the beginning of the century,
when all the pedagogues and the philosophers tried to
find ways of developing the active, independent child’s
thinking. The method of projects can be used when
teaching English at any lesson, devoted to any topic. A
project is typically defined as a collaborative
enterprise, frequently involving research or design
that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim.
Any project is based upon some problem. To solve it,
the students need not only bare knowledge of the
language, but a large amount of different subject
knowledge, necessary for solving this problem.


The problem of using project
work in foreign languages
teaching and learning is of
great importance.
The main idea of project work
is considered to be based on
teaching students through
research activities and
stimulating their personal
The problem
of using the
Nevertheless, teachers are not
keen on the idea of providing
project work into their lessons
because of the disadvantages
this method has.
Project work is characterized
as one of the most effective
methods of teaching and
learning a foreign language
through research and
communication, different types
of this method allow us to use
it in all the spheres of the
educational process.
It involves activities which
focus on a theme of interest
rather than on specific
language tasks and helps the
students to develop their
imagination and creativity.


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