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National cuisine of Germany




• Traditional German cuisine
is far from dietary. The
culinary traditions of the
country began to form in
the period of Ancient Rome,
but the active development
of German cuisine occurred
in the post-war years when
the traditions in cooking
were influenced by the
cultures of neighboring


Weiswurst White Sausages
• The name of sausages means boiled veal sausage. According to the
recipe, minced pork and beef, spices, onions, protein are mixed in equal
proportions, lemon zest gives a piquant freshness.


• The recipe is as follows: knead the dough, prepare a filling of minced
meat, bacon, pork and spices. Then the filling is wrapped in small
envelopes, which are boiled in meat broth.


• On Christmas Eve, the
legendary dessert –
fragrant Stollen - is sold all
over Germany. Strolling
through German cities in
December, you will often
feel its spicy aroma – go to
a cafe to drink a cup of hot
chocolate with a piece of
stollen. This is a dense
cupcake with candied
fruits, nuts and spices. Rum
flavor is added to factory
stolen goods, and in
confectionery dessert is
impregnated with real rum.


• In every region of
Germany, the treat is
fried according to the
author's recipe. In
Hamburg, it's a cutlet
with scrambled eggs,
there is also a Holstenski
schnitzel - meat with
scrambled eggs, capers
and anchovies. The
simplest Viennese dish is
a simple pork cutlet.


Black Forest
• The Bavarian pastry chef used chocolate
cakes and decorated them with
buttercream and cherries. Since then
the delicacy has become popular
throughout Germany and after a decade
and a half the recipe has spread all over
the world


• Traditional German pretzel common in the southern regions of
Germany. This delicacy has been prepared since the 13th century, and
baking is always approached with special attention and accuracy. In
this case, the recipe and the shape of the pretzel are strictly
regulated. The shape of the bezel resembles hands folded on the
chest during prayer. Pretzel is usually sprinkled with large salt crystals.
There are many baking recipes — with sausage, sesame and pumpkin,
grated cheese.


Gastronomic tours


Walk around
• An interesting history of Bavarian
cuisine, secrets of old German
dishes, a walk through an authentic
market and, of course, tastings – an
excursion in Munich will conquer
every gourmet. Bavarian soups,
sausages, cheeses, the best German
coffee, the most delicious beer…
And this is only part of a
gastronomic trip in the company of
a guide, who is very fond of tourists.


Berlin street food
• What do modern Germans eat? Berlin's street
food is not only the legendary currywurst
snack, it's a whole firework of flavors. It makes
sense to book a tour in Russian and walk
through the streets of the German capital
under a fascinating story. Real culinary
masterpieces will be created before your eyes:
simple, but incredibly delicious. You will have a
day filled with great flavors and one of the best
gastronomic adventures in life.


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