Margaret Thatcher
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Margaret Thatcher

1. Margaret Thatcher


Margaret Roberts was born on October 13,1925
in Grantham, England.

3. Сareer

In 1950, she wanted to be elected to
Parliament, but failed.
In 1967 Thatcher was inducted into the
shadow Cabinet.
In February 1975, Thatcher took over the
Conservative party.
She was the «iron lady».
In November 1990, Margaret Thatcher
announced her voluntary retirement
In 1990, Margaret Thatcher received the order
of merit, and on 26 June 1992, Queen Elizabeth
II granted her a Barony and she became a life
member of the House of lords.


Health and age made Baroness Thatcher less
likely to participate in public life. However, at
the end of may 2010, she attended the opening
ceremony of the new session of the British
Parliament with the participation of Queen
Elizabeth II. But in 2012, she missed a gala dinner
in Downing street to mark the 60th anniversary
of the Queen's reign.


Margaret, her husband Denis Thatcher and
her children, mark Thatcher, Carol Thatcher


On April 8, 2013, Margaret Thatcher died at
the age of 87.
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