The endangered animals
The panda
The polar bear
The Siberian tiger
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The endangered animals

1. The endangered animals

Prepared by Yuliana

2. The panda

Its name in Chinese
means «big bear cat». A
bear lives in mountain
central China. It is easily
recognized by the large
black patches around its
eyes, over the ears, and
across its round body.
Pandas diet is bamboo.
The panda is in danger
now. Scientists study
these animals and try to
save them. The panda is
Chinas national symbol.

3. The polar bear

We are going to travel to
some exotic places on
our planet. Imagine you
are in the North pole. The
polar bear lives in the
Arctic. It is a large bear. It
is adapted for cold place.
The bear can swim very
well. It eats fish and
meat. The polar bear
becomes an endangered
animal because of
climate changes.

4. The Siberian tiger

The Siberian tiger is a big
cat who lives in Russia
and China. They have red
and white color black
stripes. The people kill
them because of beautiful
skin. They are very
strong. The tiger catch
fish. It sees in the dark
five times better than


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