Overall scope
Overall technical deck
Editorial pages
1st category : Action caritatives
2nd category : A propos
League manager
Fairplay points
Player data
Team data
Venues data
Match postponing
All stars votes
Championship ranking page
Championship teams page
Championship mediators page
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Sport Ambiance v2 Website and application redesign


Sport Ambiance v2
Website and application
December 2016

2. Overall scope

Joomla based website with editorial content
Joomsport plugin integration to create a sport
league manager
Joomsport plugin customization to add new

3. Overall technical deck

• Joomla is recommended as CMS option
– Joomla 3.4 or higher must be used
• The Joomsport plugin v4.0.19 or higher must be
• This document only captures the expected
– The look and feel of the front end pages is out of
scope for this deck

4. Sitemap

Homepage (“Accueil”)
Les partenaires
Actions caritatives
Historique des
Proposer un
Nous contacter
Le staff
A propos
La presse en parle


Editorial pages

6. Editorial pages

• Editorial pages must all be fully manageable via the
Backoffice (author roles)
• Authors should not be allowed to add/remove pages
– They can however edit the content of pages and push them
• All editorial pages are proposed with an initial display
– Authors can modify the content but also the look & feel
– Ideally, there should be a locked and archived version of each
original page template

7. 1st category : Action caritatives

Les partenaires
• List of partners
• Detailed information about each
• Initial template to be developed
• Fully manageable via backoffice post go live
Historique des actions
• List of past charity actions
• Initial template to be developed
• Fully manageable via BO post go live
Proposer un projet
• Contact form with banner
• Offices geolocation
• Fully manageable via BO post go live

8. 2nd category : A propos

Nous contacter
•Contact form with banner
•Offices geolocation
•Fully manageable via BO post go live
Le staff
•List of staff members
•Initial template to be developed
•Fully manageable via BO post go live
La presse en parle
•Short news
•Initial template to be developed
•Fully manageable via BO post go live
•List documents available for download (docx, pdf, jpg, png)
•Documents coul be previewed in a lightbox
•Documents could be downloaded to file system
•Initial template to be developed
•Fully manageable via BO post go live


League manager

10. League manager

• The league manager enables the admins and
moderators to organize championships and other type
of events
• Only the championships are documented in this brief
• All front end pages related to the league manager must
be page types supported by the Joomsport plugin
– Some custom page types may have to be created within
the plugin

11. Fairplay points

After each match, each team must be able to attribute fairplay points to the other one
Fairplay points are given based on multiple dimensions
The different dimensions and the maximum of points attributed for each is to be confirmed
The list and max value of the dimensions must be configurable
It is recommended to create extra fields on top of the team entity to manage fairplay points
Fairplay points attribution must be doe through the match details form
The calculation of the average fairplay points for each team can only be trigerred by the administrators
Administrators are allowed to add or remove points on the average fairplay score (maximum to be confirmed)
The bonus points mecanism offered by Joomsport can be used as a basis
This feature must be available in the following way :

In the « Moderator » section for edit
In Joomla administration panel Joomsport component management for review/validation by Administrators
The fairplay points must be displayed on the ranking tables : http://www.sportetambiance.net/championnat/classement-desaison

12. Player data

Additional fields (extra fields)
• email
• telephone
• adresse complète
• date de naissance (date of birth)
• profession (dropdownlist with following options : etudiant/salarié/liberal/sans emploi)
• poste dans l'équipe (dropdownlist with options to be defined)
• numéro de maillot (number)
• Status : moderator (user should be made a moderator for the team), sub-moderator (to be confirmed by
Each field could be set public or
• Photo (use the existing image field)
private by the moderator/admin
• actif/inactif (possibility to set the player active or inactive)
individually for each player
• profil facebook (url to FB profile)
Mandatory fields
• Nom
• Prenom
• Email
• Adresse complète
• Date de naissance

13. Team data

Additional fields (extra fields)
nom d'equipe (team name)
site web (URL)
nom du terain (prefered venue from a dropdownlist)
horaire préféré : prefered day for a match from a dropdown with the following
• samedi matin
• samedi après midi
• dimanche matin
• dimanche après midi
Mandatory fields
• Team name
• Prefered venue

14. Venues data

• surface de votre terrain (optionel)
• ville de votre terrain
• adresse du terrain

15. Match postponing

• Joomsport already provides a way to reschedule matches on another
– This is done via Joomla Administration by administrators
• However, the client needs to be able to bring this postponing feature to
Moderators as well
– This needs to be made available for Moderators
– All postponing request will still have to be validated by administrator
• Postponing matches must be allowed only a limited number of
occurrences for one same team during a season
– Number to be configurable
• The number of postponed matches per team is to be reflected on the
season ranking page

16. Exports

• It must be feasible to generate extracts from
the database for the below elements :
– Players
– Teams
– Matches
• It must be able to trigger extracts from the
backoffice by administrators
• Players extract must be ready for import into
AcyMailing as users

17. All stars votes

• A voting mechanism must be available to identify best players
• The vote period is started and ended only by administrators
• The best players pool is composed of :
– 1 goal keeper
– 4 defenders
– 4 attackers
• Each team can only vote once
• Each team vote is composed of
– 2 gatekeepers
– 5 defenders
– 5 attackers
• The vote results must be available on the All stars page and
available for all the website visitors

18. Newsletter

• Administrators need to be able to trigger emails
via AcyMailing
• Emails can be sent to :
– Moderators
– Players
– All database
• Joomsport Moderators are available trough
AcyMailing by default
• Joomsport Players must be imported into
AcyMailing using the player export described on
slide #16 TODO

19. Messaging

• It must be possible for logged-in mediators to
send messages to administrators
• This feature must be made available within
the Moderation section
• All administrators will be notified at once


Updates needed on
Joomsport pages and

21. Championship ranking page

• The fairplay points must be displayed on this page as well
• Currently, it is possible to define which lines must be
highlighted on the ranking table
– Top 2 lines are defined to be highlighted in green
– Lower 2 lines in red
• It is not possible to define specific line highlighting per
• It must now be possible to define highlighting rules for each

22. Championship teams page

• Currently, the championship team page
returns all teams for one season in bulk
• There is no way to filter through pools
• It must now be possible to filter the teams by

23. Championship mediators page

• Fairplay points management must be added to
the mediator section


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