Green Parties
What is it?
What do they do?
In what countries are they working?
Who are their friends?
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Green Parties

1. Green Parties

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Elizabeth Aleksandrova
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2. What is it?

A Green party is a formally
organized political
party based on the principles
of green politics, such
as social
justice, environmentalism an
d nonviolence. Greens
believe that these issues are
inherently related to one
another as a foundation for
world peace.

3. What do they do?

Green Parties have a lot of activities. They are
trying to stop pollution of the environment
and making factories less dangerous for

4. In what countries are they working?

Green parties exist in nearly 90 countries
around the world; many are members
of Global Greens. They exist in countries like:
Brazil, Columbia, Lebanon, Canada, New
Zealand and many more.

5. Who are their friends?

A few organizations are
working with green
parties. They are helping
to raise public’s
awareness of need to
protect the environment
and raising funds. They
have their own
campaigns. These friends
are: Friends of the Earth,
Greenpeace and World
Fund of Nature.


And of course, Green parties are saving animals.
They protect their place of living and
endangered animals from people. Like: Whales,
Amur Leopards, Black Rhinos, Bornean
Orangutans, Cross River Gorillas, Eastern
Lowland Gorillas, Hawksbill Turtles and etc.


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