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My favorite singer is Michael Jackson



*My favorite singer is
Michael Jackson. I like
his songs very much
because they are full
of energy and very
melodic. I also like the
way he dances.


*his moonwalk was
driving all people
crazy, he and only
he truly deserves
the title King of


* He started singing in public
when he was only five years
old. Since then he had been
working like a grown-up. He
had never had free time to
play with other children and
he led a very stressful life. He
felt safe with animals and
children and he feared
crowds. He was a bit childish
too. He loved kids’ stories and
his favorite hero was Peter


*Whether he was crazy,
childish, eccentric or
just shy, he was no
fool. He created a
brilliantly successful
image, he made a lot
of money and spent it
on the things he
wanted. Who wouldn't
like to do the same?
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