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Big Ben Westminster Abbey [ westmnistə æbi]
The Houses of Parliament [ ðə hauziz əv
pa:rləmənt ]
The tower of London [ ðə tauə əv lаndən ]
Tower Bridge [ tauə bridз ]
Buckingham Palace [ bаkiŋəm pæləs ]
Trafalgar Square [ trəfælgər skweə]


The Clock Tower is famous for its immense bell known as “Big
Ben”. It weighs 14 tons. The hour hands are about 3 metres long
and the minute hands are about 4 metres long. The Clock Tower is
98 metres high. The clock and the bell got their names after Sir
Benjamin Hall who was a very tall man. He was responsible for this
clock. You can hear its sound every hour in London. Big Ben stands
near the Houses of Parliament.


The best way is to start excursions from Trafalgar Square. On the
column in the centre there is a statue of Admiral Nelson who defeated
the French at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. There are four bronze
lions which look at the square from the monument. There are also
two beautiful fountains in it. They are in front of the National Gallery
which is one of the best picture galleries of the world.


Buckingham Palace is the Queen’s official London residence. Tourists
always go to see the ceremony of changing the Guard there. The State
Rooms, the Royal Collection are open to visitors every year.


St. Paul’s Cathedral is the biggest English church. Another famous church is
Westmintster Abbey where kings, queens and a lot of famous people are


London is also famous for its beautiful parks. Regent’s Park is the home of
London Zoo. Today there are more than 8000 animals in the Zoo. Some are
very rare, such as the giant Panda.


Madam Tussaud's is the most popular museum in the world. There are wax models of the
famous people: Elvis Presley, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Marilyn Monro, Michael
Jackson, Charlie Chaplin, the British Royal family, Bill Clinton and others. There is no
other place where you can see all the celebrities at once, even if they are only wax figures.
The wax figures are standing and sitting, and sometimes even moving and talking.


I want you to know some facts about the famous Scottish poet Robert
Burns. Let’s read the text and answer the questions.
Robert Burns a well known and a popular Scottish poet was born in
1759. He was born in a poor family of a farmer. There were seven
children in it. Robert was the oldest. His father, William Burns, was a
farmer and Robert had to help him. His father loved and understood
people and Robert learned from his father to love people. His mother
had a very good voice and she often sang songs. She knew many folk
tales and she told them to her children.
At the age of six Robert went to school because his father wanted him
to be an educated boy. Burns was fond of reading and his favorite
writer was Shakespeare. At the age of 16 he began to write poems. The
heroes of his poems were the heroes of his mother’s stories.


In 1777 he moved to another town. In 1784 his father died and Robert
had to work on a small farm but the farm brought him
disappointment and misery. In 1791 he had to sell the farm and he
became an officer.
The young poet felt the injustice of the world and his protest is shown
in his poems. Robert Burns published his book “Poems” when he was
27 years old. He wrote about kindness and honesty of common
people. He took part in making a book of Scottish folk songs, writing
words for many melodies. He died in 1796 at the age of thirty seven in
poverty. His poems are known and loved by people all over the world.


When was he born?
How many children were there in his family?
What have you learnt about his parents?
When did Robert go to school?
Who was his favorite writer?
When did he begin to write poems?
Why did he have to sell the farm after his father’s death?
How old was he when he published his first book “Poems”?
What did Robert Burns write in his poems about?
When did he die?
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