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My favorite paintings


My favorite paintings


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Виктор Васнецов, «Богатыри»
Viktor Vasnetsov, "Bogatyrs"


Леонардо да Винчи «Тайная вечеря» 1495–1498
Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper" 1495-1498


Жан-Оноре Фрагонар, «Качели»
Jean-Honore Fragonard, "The Seesaw"


Марк Шагал, «Над городом»
Marc Chagall, "Above the City"


Иван Айвазовский, «Девятый вал»
Ivan Aivazovsky, "The Ninth shaft"


Ivan Aivazovsky, "The Ninth shaft"
This painting is one of the most famous paintings by
the Russian marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky and is
kept in the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. It was
created in 1850.
Genre: Seascape
From 1847 - Aivazovsky became a professor at the St.
Petersburg Academy of Arts; was also in the
European academies in Rome, Paris, Florence,
Amsterdam and Stuttgart.
Ivan Konstantinovich is famous mainly for his
seascapes and battles, but his work was not limited
to this.


What do we see when we look at the picture? It is early
morning, the first rays of the sun rising almost to the
sky, and the seemingly very low sky, which practically
merged with the high waves. The imagination is even
scared to imagine what an unbridled element raged at
night, and what the sailors had to endure from the
wrecked ship.
It is not so easy to describe Aivazovsky's "9th shaft" as
it seems, because the artist was able to subtly convey
all the power, strength, greatness and indescribable
beauty of the sea element to admiration. In the
foreground of this rampage are several surviving sailors
trying to stay on the wreckage of the wrecked ship's
masts. They are desperate, but together they try to
resist the huge, frothy wave that is about to hit them.
Will it succeed? Nobody knows…


Year of painting: 1850
Dimensions of the painting: 221 x 332 cm.
Material: canvas
Technique: oil
Style: romanticism
The artist has applied bold colors, warm and
bright. Dominant colors: yellow, orange, green,
light blue-gray.


Other paintings by Aivazovsky


Ночь на море
Night at sea


Ялта. 1899 год.
Yalta. 1899 year.


Зимний пейзаж. 1876 год
Winter landscape. 1876 year


Закат на море. 1853 год
Sunset at the sea. 1853 year
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