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Kok boru


«Kok-Boru» is a game of nomadic peoples.
A bit of history. Kok-boru is a folk game in which
horsemen fight for the carcass of a goat. It is
important not only to take possession of the
trophy and keep it, but also to throw it into the taikazan (gate) of the opposing team. In ancient
times, instead of the carcass of a goat, a live wolf
was used – that’s why the game is called «boru»


There is an explanation for this,
recorded in the 80s by the Soviet
ethnographer Simakov: “Old Kyrgyz
people told us a lot about one
widespread type of hunting for wolves,
when a group of riders on fast horses
chased a wolf in deep snow, caught
up with it and killed with blows of
truncheons on head. This ancient way
of hunting a wolf is also interesting
because after one of the riders caught
up and killed the wolf, he put his
carcass across the saddle, and the
other riders tried to take this carcass
from him.


And like that, jokingly, not moving in full
force towards their ail, they played “KokBuru”. In the village, the carcass of the
wolf was taken by the one who caught
up and killed him with a blow of a club.
Since ancient times, Kok-Boru has been
a wolf hunt of male warriors who had a
fighting spirit and courage. Fighting for
the carcass of a goat was considered a
training and test for future warriors. In
the game, the nomads practiced
wrestling skills and learned how to
control a horse in extreme conditions.


In the past, tens and even hundreds of people
fought for the carcass of a goat at the same
time, the event could last more than one day
and usually took someone’s life. Nowadays, the
game has found the rules, however, injuries
happen often, so real men go to Kok Boru.


Now, according to the rules, the kok-boru
team should have no more than 12 riders.
Only four of them can enter the game at a
time. Of course, players can change if
necessary. The game is served by one
head referee and two side refereesassistants. One game lasts an hour – three
periods of 20 minutes. Salym (goal) –
throwing a carcass into a tai-kazan (if the
goat’s carcass completely falls into a taikazan)


The game usually involves guys from 20 years
old and men up to 40 years old. Most of the
participants are at the age when a man is
compared to a wolf, representing strength,
courage. The cost of a specially trained
horse can reach 100-200 thousand soms,
and not in vain, because well-trained horses
are able to make their own decisions. More
than 70% of the success rate depends on a
trained horse.


Nowadays, there are international competitions in Kok Boru:
World Championship
Asian Championship
World Nomad Games
IV World Nomad Games to be held in Turkey in 2020


And even despite the many rules, this game
remains one of the most dangerous. Playing it can
seriously damage the health of not only yourself,
but also the horses. In every game there is a threat
to break something.


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