Waste Disposal
The release of waste is conducted in three areas :
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Waste Disposal

1. Waste Disposal


The over consumption
of resources and
creation of plastics are
creating a global crisis
of waste disposal .
Developed countries
are notorious for
producing an
excessive amount of
waste or garbage and
dumping their waste
in the ocean and less
developed countries .


All cities with their
high concentration
of population
different form a
large number of
industrial and
domestic waste.
Wastes are divided
into solid and liquid
industrial and


The problem of
waste is a high
sharpness due to
the low speed of
decomposition .
Paper destroyed
in 2-10 years old ,
cans for almost
100 years ,
plastic- for 500
years and glass
1000 years.

5. The release of waste is conducted in three areas :

1) Storage
2) Disposal of waste by burning them
3) Treatment
Mechanical treatment
The chemical treatment
Biological treatment


Example of an
effective solution of
the problem of fighting
waste can be France .
In almost all cities
across the country
have special
incineration facilities
and waste is
presorted. There are
plenty of compost
companies that recycle
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