The way teenagers live.
Private life
Social life
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The way teenagers live

1. The way teenagers live.

2. School

They have to get
up early, have
conflicts with their
classmates and
teachers. They
learn to solve their
themselves, to hide
feelings, get new
goals in life, learn
to make new

3. Leisure

Young people
think that
smoking, drinking
alcohol and using
drugs are cool.

4. Leisure

But also teens join
organizations, help
old people and
look after children.
They try to help
nature in such
organizations like
WWF and

5. Family

Some teenagers
have problems with
their parents, they
don`t want to
understand them,
don`t pay them
enough attention. So
teenagers become
aggressive , have
bad behavior and
have problems with
the law.

6. Family

Usually parents
help their children
and try to solve
their problems
But sometimes
teens don`t want
to understand
them and be more

7. Private life

Teenagers` years
are full of love and
it is really
romantic. But
there are many
problems in it.
Teenagers don`t
have enough
money for dates
and parents always
look after them.

8. Health

Every teenager
wants tо be
beautiful and
strong. Many of
them go on a
diet, try to keep
fit and do sports.

9. Health

However, they
spend a lot of time
in front of the
computer and
that`s why they
have some pain in
the back, bad
vision and skin.

10. Ambitious

We all know that it is
important to have
goals in life. Many
teenagers have great
plans for their future
life: finish school with
good marks, pass the
state exams, join the
university and get a
good job. They think
it`s so simple, but it
needs a lot of efforts.

11. Social life

Teenagers can`t live
without showing their
individualities and
everybody does it in
different way. Some
teenagers don`t like the
social order and don`t
agree with it. They`d like to
be treated more seriously.
Some teenagers rebel
against the law, the second
ones behave violently, the
third ones join subcultures.
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