What Makes Our School Special
September 1
Military sports game " Zarnitsa»
Health day
Defender of the Fatherland day and international women's day
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What makes our school special

1. What Makes Our School Special

Sysoeva Mariya
Form 9c
Lyceum №4


Many things make our school special. They
are very simple, but very important for each
of our students. Many things we can't even
capture on camera, because we are too
involved in them.

3. September 1

Our regular school year
begins on September 1. And
even here, the teachers
arrange a kind of holiday for
us. A lot of children come to
our Lyceum. Teachers wish
us success in our research.

4. Military sports game " Zarnitsa»

Military sports game "
By tradition, every year
the military sports game
"Zarnitsa"is held. This
event is held in order to
attract children to
sports and promote a
healthy lifestyle.

5. Health day

Sometimes various
events are held in
our school as part
of the "health Day".
This school year,
we went Hiking in
the woods.

6. Defender of the Fatherland day and international women's day

Many classes hold entertaining
holiday programs in order to
congratulate students on
February 23 and March 8.


Our Lyceum hosts a large number of events
dedicated to various topics: international
holidays, attraction to a healthy lifestyle, etc.;
class hours dedicated to various events. All
this allows us to participate not only in the
knowledge of the world, but also in public life.

8. Teachers

Teachers also make our
school special. It is only
thanks to them that we
achieve all the success that
we have. Kind, responsive,
caring. I think that without
them, our school would not
be what it is now.


Everything from people to
appearance makes our
school special. Multiple
choice of subjects, a large
number of good people, a
large number of events,
attractive appearance, etc.
Absolutely everything in
our school is important for
each of the students. She's
special to us.


Thank you for your attention!

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