Презентация на тему: «Чудеса природы»
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Wonders of nature

1. Презентация на тему: «Чудеса природы»

Чудеса — там, где в них верят,
и чем больше верят, тем чаще они встречаются.
Работу выполнил-Кузницын Илья
ученик 6 «д» класса


Lake Baikal – the lake from which you can drink
In the center of the continent of Eurasia is a narrow blue Crescent-lake Baikal. Its area is
31470 square km. Baikal is the deepest lake in the world (1637 m). The volume of water in
Baikal is 20% of world and 90% of Russian fresh water reserves.


Baikal water is unique and
amazing. It is extremely
transparent, pure and
saturated with oxygen. In
spring, the transparency of th
Baikal water is as much as 40
This is due to the fact
that Baikal water, thanks
to the activity of living
organisms living in it, is
very poorly mineralized
and close to distilled.
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