Education in USA
Preschool education
Grading system
Types of sсhools
Primary school
Middle school
High school
Higher education
Three types of US universities
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Education system in USA

1. Education in USA

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2. Preschool education

• Private day care(sometimes from
six weeks)
• Free day care
• Kindergarten(from 5 y.o)
• Home

3. Grading system

In America, an alphabetic rating system is used: A, B, C, D, F, where A is
the equivalent of the Russian “five” and F is “deuces”. By the way, each
of the ratings, except F, can be accompanied by a + or - sign. Based on
school marks, an average GPA (grade point average) is formed. This
indicator is usually required when entering university.

4. Types of sсhools

• Public schools
• Private schools

5. Primary school

Elementary schools usually teach children from the age of 5 to 11 or 12.

6. Middle school

Middle schools usually teach children between the ages of 11 or 12 to
14 years old - from the sixth or seventh to eighth grade.

7. High school

• High school - the last stage of secondary education in the United
States, lasting from the ninth to twelfth grade.

8. Higher education

Higher education is usually obtained within 4 years of study at a college or
university.All training programs in public and private universities are
accredited by the accreditation councils. There are colleges and universities
that have not passed accreditation, for example:
• The so-called diploma mills, where diplomas are simply sold to everyone
• Some Bible colleges and other religious organizations whose programs are
not academic, but are used to train clergy in certain areas.
• Institutes of marginal research areas
• Educational institutions that do not meet the standards of higher
education in topics, the number of hours or qualifications of teachers

9. Three types of US universities

• Сolleges
• Private universities
• State universities, funded by specific state authorities

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