Education in Germany
Preschool education
Primary school education 
Secondary education
Higher education
Difference of the German school
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Education in Germany

1. Education in Germany

Education in Germany
Kiseleva Ksenia
Mamedova Ayla

2. Preschool education

Preschool education
• CRECHE (Kinderkrippe)
• KINDERGARTEN (kindergarten)
• PRESCHOOL CLASSES (vorklassen)

3. Primary school education 

Primary school
• Primary school(Grundschule)

4. Secondary education

Secondary education
• Special school (der Hauptschule)
• Real school (der Realschule)
• Gymnasium (die Gymnasiums)

5. Higher education

Higher education
• Fachhochschule
• Universitaet

6. Difference of the German school

• Saturday is considered a weekend for school children
• In Germany, religion is taught from the first grade
• For all students in Germany, free travel on public transport, and in
the villages a go special school buses
• In Germany, summer holidays are only six weeks
• At least two foreign languages are taught in a German school
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