Interview with Will Smith
Who Is Will Smith?
What about career?
The secret of his success is a strong family
Personal life
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Interview with Will Smith

1. Interview with Will Smith

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Interview with Will Smith
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2. Who Is Will Smith?

◦ Will Smith (Willard Carroll Smith Jr.) was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in September
◦ Nationality: American.
◦ Activity: actor, producer, rapper, Director.
◦ Will's mom, Caroline worked as a school teacher, and his father Willard Christopher Smith
was an owner of a refrigeration company. Parents divorced when the son was 13 years old.
◦ He became a fellow of the University of Massachusetts. But learning to drop his made love
to the art of the recitative style of singing known as rap.
◦ Will Smith's life journey inspires respect

3. Appearance

◦ Will Smith is a tall, brown-eyed, dark-skinned man.
◦ His height is 188 cm.
◦ His hair is cut beautifully short.
◦ The face has a neatly trimmed beard.
◦ The nose is wide, lips full.
◦ Body type muscular.
◦ Will always dresses stylishly and tastefully

4. What about career?

◦ The creative biography of will Smith continued in the movies.
◦ The rapper pulled his lucky ticket when he received an offer from Warner Brothers to play
the lead role in the television series "Prince of Beverly hills."
◦ Will didn't even have to strain, he was just playing himself.
Will Smith in the movie "Men in black"
Music Career
◦ As teens, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince began producing music, but steered clear of the
gangsta rap sound that was emerging from the West Coast by groups like N.W.A. The Fresh
Prince rapped about teenage preoccupations in a clean, curse-free style that middle America
found safe and entertaining. The pair's first single, "Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble," was a hit
in 1986. Their 1987 debut album, Rock the House, hit the Billboard Top 200, and made Smith a
millionaire before the age of 18. The early success put any thoughts of attending college out
of Smith's mind.
In 1988, will Smith and his friend became the first rappers to be
awarded the prestigious Grammy award.

5. The secret of his success is a strong family

Will Smith came to the premiere of the film "Aladdin" in
Los Angeles
22 may 2019. Will Smith with his wife jada Pinkett-Smith.

6. Personal life

◦ The charismatic actor had his first wife, Shiri Zampino (now Shiri
Fletcher), in 1992.their son, Willard Christopher Smith III, was
born in the same year.
◦ In 1997, the actor decided to tie the knot with Jada Pinkett,
known to him since the audition of the series.
A year later, the couple had a daughter, willow Smith, and a son,
Jaden Smith, in 2000.
◦ Children became the embodiment of the father in his youth. Both
love rap and record successful songs. And also with childhood
participate in shootings together with eminent father — daughter
in movie "I-legend", and son in films "in pursuit of happiness"
and " After our era." Apparently, strong genes and personal
example do the trick.

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