Present Continuous Tense
Fill in am/is/are
Запиши с окончанием -ing
Make negative sentences
Write questions with the words below.
Sing a song:
Ask and answer the questions:
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Present Continuous Tense

1. Present Continuous Tense


I am
You are
He is
She is
It is
We are
You are
They are


4. Fill in am/is/are

1. Mother (…) watching TV.
2. I (…) having lunch.
3. My friends (…) listening to music now.
4. My cat (…)sleeping at the moment.
5. He (…) painting a nice picture now.
6. We (…)watching TV.
7.John and Ann (…)going to school.


1.I am talking to my friend at the moment.(talk)
2.They_______letters to their friends. (write)
3.Mum_______lunch. (cook)
4.The boys____their bikes in the street. (ride)
5.I_______the pictures of the flowers. (draw)
6.Where’s dad?He____on the balcony. (sit)
7.The children_____hard for the test. (study)
8.She_____to read. (learn)
9.We______in France at present. (live)

6. Запиши с окончанием -ing

draw, close, come, carry, drive, get, give, go,
leave, open, play, put, ride, run, sit, stop,
study, swim


I (play) the guitar at the moment.
He (swim) in the lake now.
Students (stay) at the British family.
Jane (study) foreign languages.
We (do) our homework.
You (help) mother now.

8. Affirmative:

1. I / to read a book
2. it / to rain
3. he / to repair his bike
4. they / to watch a film
5. the cat /to sleep on the chair
6. Jane and Emily / to do their homework
7. Bill / to wait at the bus stop
8. we / to listen to the radio
9. the children / to play a game
10.Laura / to walk the dog -

9. Make negative sentences

1. I am watching TV. 2. I am talking. 3. They are drawing. 4. He is opening the window. 5. Angela is cleaning the bathroom. 6. We are helping in the garden. 7. You are singing. 8. It is raining. 9. She is joking. 10.I am tidying up my room. -

10. Write questions with the words below.

1. Peter / to go / to the cinema 2. they / to play / a game 3. she / to listen /to the radio 4. I / to dream 5. they / to pack / their bags 6. you / to do / the washing-up 7. we / to talk / too fast 8. they / to clean / the windows 9. she / to watch / the news 10. you / to pull / my leg -


What are the
people doing?
Read a book
Make a cake
Have dinner
Play the flute
Drink tea
Fly a kite
Draw a
• Ride a bike
• Fish
• Ski

12. Sing a song:

A song about Sam
Are you eating? Are you eating?
Dear Sam, dear Sam?
Evening bells are ringing,
Evening bells are ringing,
-Yes , I am. Yes, I am.
Are you reading? Are you reading?
Dear Sam, dear Sam?
Evening bells are ringing,
Evening bells are ringing,
-Yes , I am. Yes, I am.

13. Ask and answer the questions:

1. he/listen to news? –No.
Is he listening to news? – No, he isn’t
2. she type a letter? – Yes.
3. the cat/sleep/in the living room? – No.
4.they/wash the car? – Yes.
5.the children/play in the garden? – No.
6.Jennifer/clean her room? – Yes.
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