Must not = mustn’t
Have to
Should/ought to
May/ might
Need to/ needn’t
Use the correct verb: must, have to or should.
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Modal verbs


Банникова О.В.
Лицей № 1571


Не имеют формы инфинитива
Не изменяют форму (кроме have to)
Глаголы ,после которых инфинитив
другого глагола употребляется без
частицы to
Они образуют вопросительную и
отрицательную формы без
вспомогательного глагола.

3. Must

долг или строгое обязательство (it’s a rule , you are
obliged to do)
You must wear a uniform at school
Ты обязан носить форму в школе
указывает полную уверенность в правдивости
действия (100%)
He must be very upset because he has heard the bad news.
Он должно быть очень огорчен, поскольку услышал
плохие новости
настоятельный совет
You must see this film!

4. Must not = mustn’t

Запрет на выполнения действия (it’s forbidden)

5. Have to

необходимость совершить действие, т.к. этого
требуют обстоятельства
(it’s necessary, you are obliged)
I have to go to school on Monday.
В понедельник я должен(вынужден)
идти в школу


Present Simple
I have to do my homework
He has to do his homework
Do I have to do my homework?
Does he have to do his homework?
I don’t have to…/He doesn’t have to……
Past Simple
I had to do my homework
I didn’t have to do my homework
Did I have to do my homework?
Future Simple
I will have to do my homework
I won’t have to do my homework
Will I have to do my homework?

7. Should/ought to

Выражает совет или рекомендацию (it’s a good
thing, I advise you)

8. Can

физически уметь что-то делать (have the
I can play the piano/ I could play the piano
действие невозможно
The TV can’t be broken, It’s a new one!
Can I have your pen?
You can choose any variant you want

9. May/ might

You may take my book
He said I might take his book

10. Need to/ needn’t

Необходимость что-то делать/ отсутствие
необходимости (it’s necessary)
You needn’t buy any milk, we have 3 liters in the fridge

11. Use the correct verb: must, have to or should.

I hadn't enough money and I ... pay by cheque.
You …see it. It's the best film I've ever seen.
He ….enter this room. It is dangerous.
English children . . . stay at school till the age of 16.
I think you … learn Spanish if you want to work there.
You …walk across the street on the crossing!
You …worry about it. It’s not important.


Модальный глагол + have + V3/ed
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