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Nauryz - a holiday of spring



NAURYZ - a holiday of spring, it is the most momentous
and ancient festivity of Oriental nations.
In fact, it is a New Year's eve according to the ancient
Oriental calendar. It has yet another name "Ulys
Kuni"("The first day of the New Year") or "Ulystyn uly
kuni" («The great day of the people").
They say that the more you are in celebrating the Nauryz
holiday, the greater success will attend you throughout
the year. Hence abundance of festive rites and attributes.
When the holiday comes, Kazakhs would put on festive
clothes, pay visits to each other, exchange
congratulations, best wishes of well-being and good luck
in the coming year.
Universal merry-making, games, traditional horse races,
and various amusements accompany festivities.
Traditionally they cook and roast and make all sorts of
tasty meals during the holidays, for they should
symbolize well-being and abundance in the coming year.
The feast is usually timed to the noon; it is preceded and
followed by a prayer in honor of the forefathers read by
the mullah. In conclusion the eldest of those present
gives his blessings (bata) so that year in year out
prosperity be part and parcel of the family.
When Kazakhs celebrate Nauryz, presence of the figure of
"7" is indispensable - it embodies 7 days of the week -
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