Your trip to Italy
Booking tickets
Renting a flat
City transport
If you are hungry
Approximate touristic programme for 8 days
The Coliseum
The square of Venezia (Piazza Venezia)
The Capitol Hill (Campidoglio) in  Piazza del Campidoglio
The chirch of Gesu (Chiesa del Sacro Nome di Gesù)
Largo di Torre Argentina
Piazza Navona
Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi
 Chiesa di Sant'Agnese 
Pantheon (Piazza della Rotonda)
 Fontana di Trevi
Colonna di Marco Aurelio
 Piazza di Spagna
Your budget is
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Your trip to Italy. Rome

1. Your trip to Italy



Our trip will
take about 8 days.
It is going to be
amazing, because
Rome is an ancient
and wonderful city
with its narrow and
pretty streets. The
goal of this
presentation is to
find some
information about
the city,
sightseeing, booking
tickets, renting a
flat and count a
budget you need.

3. Booking tickets

To book a ticket you can use:
• https://www.onetwotrip
The cheapest
ticket costs
10 915 rubles

4. Renting a flat

You can use this site to rent a good flat:
Approximate sum is 30 000 rubles for two
people for 8 nights

5. City transport

Buses can offer you:
single tickets(1 € - 75 min),
one-day tickets(4 € till midnight),
a single tourist tickets(11 € for 3 days),
a single-week ticket(16 €).
Undeground ticket costs 1,5 € for 100 min

6. If you are hungry

You need to try the tastiest pizza and
pasta in the world! Pizza is
approximately 5-6 €. Pasta costs about
10 €. Don’t forget about ice-cream and
coffee! You can buy it for 1-2 €.
Food: about 10000 rubles.

7. Approximate touristic programme for 8 days

Excursion on foot
The rout starts near the metro station
Colosseo, and finishes near the station
Barberini Fontana di Trevi.

8. The Coliseum

It’s an amphitheatre and the
greatest monument of Antient
World, which is saved nowadays.
It is profitable to buy a single
ticket to Colosseo, Foro Romano,
Palatino. It costs 12 €.

9. The square of Venezia (Piazza Venezia)

In 1,2 km – 15 min.
There are at the square:
• The palace of Venezia
• The monument of the first king of
United Italy Vittorio Emanuele
• Sculptures of antient gods

10. Vittoriano

In 0,9 km – 3 min
If you climb Vittoriano’s gleaming white
stairs higher, You can see the best view of
the Central streets of Rome and huge waving
tricolor flag (white for faith, green for hope,
red for love) from the observation deck

11. The Capitol Hill (Campidoglio) in  Piazza del Campidoglio

The Capitol Hill (Campidoglio)
in Piazza del Campidoglio
In 0, 12 – 2 min
It’s the symbol of Rome. Here the ancient romans
built the most important temples of the goddesses
Juno and Virtus and the king of all gods Jupiter
Optimus Maximus

12. The chirch of Gesu (Chiesa del Sacro Nome di Gesù)

In 0,42 – 6 min
Entrance is free
The chirch of Gesu
(Chiesa del Sacro Nome di

13. Largo di Torre Argentina

In 0,32 - 4 min
It’s surrounded
by the fence
half square-half
park with the
ruins of ancient
temples and
columns. And
it’s the home of
cats! (Torre
Argentina Cat


15. Piazza Navona

In 0, 69 – 9 min

16. Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi

The fountain by the greatest sculpturer
Bernini is located in the middle of the
square and decorates the Egyptian

17.  Chiesa di Sant'Agnese 

The entrance is

18. Pantheon (Piazza della Rotonda)

0,47 km – 6 min. The entrance is free.
s the temple of all Gods.



21.  Fontana di Trevi

Fontana di Trevi
In 1 km – 15 min
It’s the most famous fountain in Rome,
it’s the united composition of water and
sculpture. There is Neptune in the
centre of it.


23. Colonna di Marco Aurelio

In 0,32 km -4 min
It’s victory column
of Mark Aureli. It
consists the scenic
bas-relief of battles
Romans against
German and the


25.  Piazza di Spagna

Piazza di Spagna
0,85 – 11 min
There is the fountain
Barca» («the boat») and
Trinita’s church «Chiesa
lla Trinità dei»


27. Your budget is

about 60 000
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