Lecture’s topics
Communication in organisations
Communication Failure
The Communication Process
The Communication Process
Boeing – A Case of Bad Communication
Basic Forms of Communication
The power of pictures
The power of pictures
The power of pictures
The power of pictures
Group Work
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Communication. The Communication Process

1. Communication

Harry Kogetsidis
School of Business

2. Lecture’s topics

• What is communication and why is it important?
• What are the basic steps in the communication
• What are the basic forms of communication?
• How have changes in technology affected the way
in which we communicate?

3. Communication in organisations

4. Communication

Communication is the exchange of information
through written or spoken words, symbols or other
actions in order to reach a common understanding.

5. Communication Failure

Communication often fails as the message sent by
the sender and the one received by the receiver
are not the same.

6. The Communication Process

One of the first models to study the
communication process was the
Weaver and Shannon model that was
produced in 1949 for the telephone
company Bell.
Τhis model focused on the technical
problems that were often experienced
when people were using the phone.

7. The Communication Process

8. Boeing – A Case of Bad Communication

9. Basic Forms of Communication

• Verbal
• Written
• Other

10. The power of pictures

11. The power of pictures

12. The power of pictures

13. The power of pictures

14. Group Work

In small groups discuss how changes in technology have
affected the way in which people communicate. To what
extent has technology improved human communication?
What problems, if any, has it created to the way in which
people communicate?
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