«What would you like to invent»
Robot-servant 2V-R8
Robot-servant 2V-R8
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What would you like to invent

1. «What would you like to invent»

Made by: Styazhkin Vladimir.11”Б”
Gymnasium №10

2. Robot-servant 2V-R8

Hello, investors. I give you the
most annoying robot-servant 2VR8

3. Robot-servant 2V-R8

New humanoid robot has been designed for
many purposes. His height is 170 cm. This
android robot will clean your home, make
your dinner and do all of your tasks, that you
will assign.

4. Features

It is managed from a personal computer or
the remote control unit. The humanoid has a
battery, which is enough for an hour. The
robot is equipped with video cameras,
gyroscopes, infrared sensors. Furthermore,
the android takes voice commands, and in his
head there is an embedded projector that can
display a chart on the board. Also, it can act
on its own.

5. Supplement

Now, we make custom
«Butler» paint-work.

6. Contact Information

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