Types of Terrorism
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Stop terrorism

1. Тероризм

Виконала учениця 7-А класу Куньо Надія

2. Тероризм

• Тероризм (від лат. terror жах) — суспільно небезпечна діяльність, яка
полягає у свідомому, цілеспрямованому застосуванні насильства
шляхом захоплення заручників, підпалів, убивств, тортур,
залякування населення та органів влади або вчинення інших посягань
на життя чи здоров'я ні в чому невинних людей або погрози вчинення
злочинних дій з метою досягнення злочинних цілей.

3. Terrorism

• Terrorism is a socially dangerous activity that lies in conscious, purposeful
application of violence by hostage-taking, arson, murder, torture,
intimidation of the population and authorities or committing other
attacks on the lives or health of innocent people or threat to commit
criminal acts with the purpose to achieve criminal goals.

4. Types of Terrorism

• Classification F. Forsyth define four types of
• 1) the national (regional);
• 2) one-dimensional (the English animal
liberation Front);
• 3) political;
• 4) religious


• In our country the development of terrorism, have contributed
to deep socio-economic crisis, the confrontation of political
forces, the increasing manifestations of separatism, poverty
and lumpenization of a substantial part of the population,
processes of social stratification, the development of criminal
business and state structures, corruption of the state
apparatus, the development of powerful illegal arms market,
devaluation of moral and spiritual values.
• Analysis of the contributions of specialized government
agencies indicates that the most common in Ukraine motivation
of terrorist acts:
• a) criminal activity, especially its transnational forms;
• b) trying to prevent social, political or economic activities;
• C) create complications or tension in the interstate relations.
• According to the SBU 1996-1997 year in Ukraine were more
than 560 offences of a terrorist nature, resulting in 90 people
(including 15 representatives of power structures) was lost.
The operational environment is characterized by increasing
activity of international terrorist organizations, primarily from
countries in the Middle East (“Hezbollah”, “Abu Ngal”, “Hamas”,
“Muslim brotherhood”) who seek to use the territory of
Ukraine for transit of its fighters in Western Europe, as well as
to prepare actions against ambassadors and representatives of
foreign States in Ukraine, mainly from the U.S. and Israel.
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