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Типы вопросительных предложений


Как правильно задать
Типы вопросительных

2. Lets start…. ;)

3. General Questions



Сформируйте общий вопрос к предложению:
She is a very good teacher.
Her parents are both doctors.
Lane visited many countries.
He couldn’t drive last summer.

6. Subject Question



Сформируйте специальный вопрос к подлежащему:
She was drinking cold water. (Who)
Our neighbor’s children broke the window. (Who)
Lily hasn’t answered the questions yet. (Who)
Sting is my favorite singer. (Who)
Jake is going to Turkey next Saturday. (Who)
My whole class visited the National Art Museum.
Molly takes dance classes. (Who)
Good results gave him hope for the future. (What)

9. Tag Question



12. Are you ready?)

Поставите правильный «хвостик» в
разделительном вопросе:
She doesn’t like watching TV, _?
Her brother is older that she, _?
He doesn’t go to extra classes, _?
You should tell your husband the truth, _?
I was a good student, _?
Dolphins are very kind animals, _?
His performance was boring, _?
She has read a very interesting book, _?

13. Special Question


15. Special Words


Сформируйте специальный вопрос ко всему
I am keen on visiting new countries. (What)
She works from 6 a.m. till 4 p.m. (How many hours)
She will meet me at the platform. (What time)
I was not ready to go through the test. (Why)
Jack is a member of a school football team.(Who)
My sister likes travelling by car. (How)
You can look for information on a timetable on the
ground floor. (Where)
They visited all Europe countries last year. (When)





Переведите предложения в форме альтернативного
Ты любишь смотреть футбол или баскетбол?
Ты любишь смотреть фильмы или сериалы?
Твой кот серый или черный?
Ты чаще пишешь ручкой или карандашом?
Ты сегодня работаешь дома или в офисе?
Ты любишь больше печенье или шоколад?
Она ходила в театр с Джеком или с Кайлом?


22. Don’t worry! ;)


Упражнение 1. Fill in the words
to form questions.
did, are, do, have, was, haven't,
is, isn't
What types of books ______
you like to read?
_____ she reading love story or
an adventure story?
______ you seen «Titanic»?
Who _____ watching TV at eight
o'clock last night?
It's an exciting book, ________
_____ you going to watch a
romantic film or a musical?
You have seen this film, _______
_____ you go to the cinema last
Now group this question by
their types.
Yes / No Questions:
Alternative Questions:
Special Questions:
Tag Questions:


Напишите вопросы к предложениям, начиная со слова в
My sister eats sweets every day. (Who)
He won't go to the country this summer (Will)
We were advised to come. (What?)
I haven't seen Peter since Saturday. (Since when?)
They are planning to have a holiday soon. (They)
She made a beautiful dress for herself last week. (What?)
Everybody was waiting at the door to the museum. (Was)
By the end of the year, he had read about twenty books. (How
He is followed by his friend everywhere. (By whom?)
He didn't know how he could help his friend. (Why?)


Write special and alternative questions to the answers.
We went to the library.
He is a driver.
We were playing a game.
They came to this place a long time ago.
He is from England.
What country is he from?
Is he from England or Scotland?


Напишите вопросы к ответам.
1. ____________________________?
A computer. (The Adams bought a computer.)
2. ____________________________?
They have. They have already met Mr Smith.)
3. ____________________________?
They met Mr Smith when they were in London.
4. ____________________________?
They are. (They are going to there again).
5. ____________________________?
English. She teaches English.
6. ____________________________?


Write questions to the underlined parts of the text.
John is my cousin (Who…)?
He is only 18, but he is already a student (How…)?
John is very intelligent (…or…)?
The only problem is that John hasn't got enough money
(не так ли)?
He likes books but he often has no money to buy them.

28. The end))

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