Los Angeles
Main sights
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Los Angeles

1. Los Angeles

2. Location

Los Ageless is a big city in the USA in southern California located on the
coast of the Pacific ocean.

3. Population

The population of the Los-Angeles is about 3 792 621 people.

4. Main sights

The Hollywood sign is a famous sign in the Hollywood
hills in Los Angeles, California. The word "Hollywood"
has written in big white letters. It is located on the
southern slope of Mount Lee at a height of 491 meters.


Griffith Park is a very large park located at eastern end of
the Santa Monica Mountains in Los Angeles, California. This
park is one of the largest urban parks in North America and
the second largest park in California. The park is also pope
Larry referred to as the «Central Park of Los Angeles».
Visitors to Griffith Park can choose to attend the Great
Theatre. Park has hiking routes, bike routes, golf course,
camping area and an ideal place for horseback riding.
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