Earth Day
The history of Earth Day
Earth Day Symbols
Facts about our planet
Earth Hour
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Earth Day

1. Earth Day

World Earth Day is celebrated on April, 22

2. The history of Earth Day

* 1970 - For the first time Earth Day was
celebrated in the US
* 2009 - Earth Day was Celebrated by About a
Billion People
* 2012 already 980 878 787 people took part in
the Earth Day -they planted trees

3. Earth Day Symbols

The symbols of the Earth Day are the Greek
letter Teta, as well as the image of our planet,
tree, flower or leaves
Here`s the flag of our planet :

4. Facts about our planet

* The Earth formed over 5 billion years ago
* Our population is almost 7,5 billion people
* The most hot place on the Earth is El Azizuya in
September 13, 1922, the temperature rose to +58
* And the coldest place on earth is Antarctica
July 21, 1983 in Antarctica was recorded -89 degrees
*Facts about our planet

5. Earth Hour

*March 25, 2017
the action Earth Hour was held
for the 47th time in the world
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