A young bride, wearing traditional dress, receives help from her friends on her wedding day
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Traditional uzbek wedding


Wedding plays a
significant role in the
lives of the Uzbeks
and is celebrated
with solemnity. From
the birth of their first
child, families save
the lifetime for one
big event- wedding
and many of its pre
and post rituals.


One of the pre-wedding
events is engagement
ceremony – “Fatiha
tuy”when groom’s side
comes to the house of the
girl who has been
proposed to. After guests
tell the purpose of their
visit “Non sindirish” (
“Breaking of a scone”) is
being performed and the
day of marriage is fixed.
From this moment young
people are engaged.


The main point
of Uzbek wedding rituals
is the movement of the
bride to the house of the
man. On the day of the
wedding, the groom goes
to pick up the bride from
her home with his best
man, relatives, and
friends. This movement
is accompanied by
dancers and musicians
that play on Karnay (
long instrument)
and Doira (wooden


Morning palov
Palov is served
approximately at 6-7
p.m. depending on the
season. There is no
nothing superfluous on
the tables, minimum of
food, no alcoholic
beverages. The main
dish is of course palov.
Only men can come for
the morning palov. The
average number of
guests is about 300600 people.


After eating at a
festive table, a groom
does not simply get to
take his bride to the
rest of wedding
ceremonies. His
friends and him must
first “bribe” her
friends with money
and then finally break
in to her bedroom.


When the groom and bride
get to the place of their
wedding celebration of
usually 200-300 people
which is not a big wedding by
Uzbek standards, the very
moment the bride steps out
the car, the groom lightly
presses on her foot with his.
This tradition dates to many
years ago and its original
meaning was a sign of a
respect to her future
husband and still practiced


The sing songs
(“Ulanlar”, “YorYor”).
The wedding party
starts with the
greeting of the bride
at the groom’s


During the wedding, bride
and her maid of honor, groom
and his best man sit together
throughout entire wedding. A
bride can never leave her seat
without a female next to her
and same for the groom. Their
“helpers” are there for them
not only as someone who can
fix your dress or suit but also
as their “body guards”.
Throughout the wedding
guests come to congratulate
newly married couple, take
pictures, and give them
personal presents.


Early in the morning, next day
after the wedding, a custom
called “Kelin salom”
(Welcoming the bride) is started.
The parents of the bride and
groom, all close relatives and
friends and neighbours get
together before the ceremony
starts. The bride dressed in a
traditional dress of Uzbek
patterns must greet each one
with a deep bow three times (to
all sides) and in response she
receives gifts, blessings, and best
wishes for the future.
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10. A young bride, wearing traditional dress, receives help from her friends on her wedding day

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