Health – like branch There are strongly relationship between them Ecology- like root
The main sources of soil pollution are:
Radioactive pollution and Effects
Weather and well-being
Nutrition & health
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What is Ecology ?



• What is Ecology ?
• Chemical pollution and human health
• Biological pollution and human disea
• Impact of sounds on the human
• Weather and well-being
• Nutrition and health
• Problems of human adaptation
to the environment


What is Ecology?
Ecology is the scientific study of interactions of
organisms with one another
and with the physical and chemical environment.
Although it includes the study
of environmental problems such as pollution, the science
of ecology mainly involves
research on the natural world from many viewpoints,
using many techniques.


• Health is the level of
or metabolic efficiency
of a living organism.
In humans it is the
ability of individuals or
communities to adapt
and self-manage when
facing physical, mental
or social challenges.

5. Health – like branch There are strongly relationship between them Ecology- like root


Biotic and Abiotic Factors
That can effect Human Health
Biotic: Living - Biological
- Pathogens
- Your own body(aging)
- Allergens
Abiotic: Non living - Environmental
-Medical Procedures
-- Chemical
-- Pollution


Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into
a natural environment that causes instability,
harm or discomfort to the eco system.
Currently, human economic activity is
increasingly becoming
a major source of pollution of the biosphere. In
the natural
environment in a growing number fall gaseous,
liquid and
solid waste industries.


Air pollution
Any change in the atmosphere that has harmful effects
Is called air pollution
Any substance that causes pollution is called a pollutant


Health Example: Asthma
Risk Attribution
40% - 60% Genetics
20% - 30% Indoor Air Quality & Life-Style Factors
(e.g., pets, carpets,hygiene, tobacco, solvents)
5% - 10% Outdoor Air Quality (e.g., traffic, heating,
long-range transport, industry, biogenic factors)


Any physical, biological, or chemical change in water quality
that adversely
affects living organisms or makes water unsuitable for desired uses is considered pollution.
Water pollution can be classified into two main categories:
point sources and no-point sources.


• Every year 5 million peoples die in
the result of poisoning by polluted
water. Nowadays new diseases appear
that are connected with chemical
water pollution.


13. The main sources of soil pollution are:

• Industry;
• Transport;
• Agriculture.


In agriculture people use
pesticides and nitrates. These
substances are very dangerous and
toxic. They can cause mutations,
cancer, pathological processes in
central nervous system, respiratory
and alimentary tracts, skin.



Noise pollution
Noise – loud noise, merged into discordant sound.
Greater frequency of vibrations is called - ultrasound,
smaller – infrasound.
Long noise adversely affects the organ of hearing, reducing sensitivity to sound.

17. Radioactive pollution and Effects

On Human Beings
.► The impact of radioactive pollution on human
beings can vary from mild to fatal; the magnitude of
the adverse effects largely depends on the level and
duration of exposure to radioactivity. Low levels of
localized exposure may only have a superficial effect
and cause mild skin irritation.
• ► Long-term exposure or exposure to high amounts
of radiation can have far more serious health effects.
Radioactive rays can cause irreparable damage to
DNA molecules and can lead to a life-threatening

18. Weather and well-being

19. Nutrition & health

There are six different kinds of nutrients in food:
• Proteins(Meat, Beans, Fish)
• Carbohydrates(Wheat, Grains)
• Minerals
• Vitamins
• Fats
• And Water


Man, like other living organisms can adapt, that is, to
adapt to environmental conditions. Human adaptation to
the new natural and production conditions can be
described as a set of social and biological properties and
features needed for sustainable living organism in a
particular ecological environment.


All processes in the biosphere are interrelated.
Humanity - only a small part of the biosphere. Mind singled
man from the animal world and gave him tremendous power.
Comprehensive study of man and his relationship
with the world led to the understanding that health - is not
merely the absence of disease but also physical, mental
and social well-being. Health - this capital, given to us by
nature not only from birth, but also the conditions in which
we live.


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