Weird animal
Pygmy marmoset
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Weird animal

1. Weird animal

2. Biruang

Biruang or Malayan bear. This mammal
animal belongs to a family of bears. Lives
biruang in Indochina and Indonesia. This
bear has a stocky figure with a short but
wide muzzle. Biruang ears are short and
round shape. On the high end are located
the huge paws with large curved claws.
The feet of a bear naked, and small
canines. On the chest of the animal it is
usually located spot that resembles a
rising sun. Biruang is nocturnal, the day he
sleeps or takes a sunbath on the trees,
which equips himself a house, like a nest.
Noteworthy is the animal that is the
smallest member of the family of bears, to
the very rare. biruang length does not
exceed one and a half meters, the height
of not more than 70 cm and weight of 27
to 65 kg.

3. Komondor

• Komondor. This breed of dog is
also called the Hungarian
sheepdog. It dwells everywhere,
since this pet. When the content
of the dog can not do without
special grooming, because its
length can reach almost a meter.
Wool is impossible to comb, but
as it grows locks just need to
share, otherwise the hair will
stall. This Hungarian Shepherd
has impressive size, being one of
the biggest dogs in the world.
Height at the withers males may
exceed 80 cm, and the long white
wool, rolled into laces, further
increases the visual size of the

4. Pygmy marmoset

• Pygmy marmoset. This
primate is one of the smallest,
it refers to the broad-nosed
monkeys. Lives marmosets in
South American countries Ecuador, Peru, Brazil. The adult
weighs less than 120 grams.
primate nostrils directed
forward, which is unusual, the
nose is rather large and wide.
In captivity, tamarins feels
good to its content need only
to keep a constant
temperature of 25-29 degrees
and high humidity of 60%.
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