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5 most beautiful places in the world. Grade 9


5 most beautiful places in the world
Lisa Zubchyonok
Grade 9
Tomkovsky kindergarten-base school


Colored cliffs of Zhangye Danksia in
Gansu Province, China
The colored rocks are composed of red sandstones and
conglomerates of the main Cretaceous period.
Scientists suggest that
about 100 million years
ago there was a huge
body of water in these
places, into which a
great deal of silt was



Li River, China
It begins in the Maoher mountains
and flows into the Guangxi Zhuang
district in China.
The river Li is charming at all
times of the year and in any


Tianji Mountains, China
Shrouded in mist, the mountain
peaks of Tianji make an indelible
impression, because to see
something like this is impossible
in any other corner of our planet.
In the translation, the name of these
mountains translates as "son
of heaven", and, traditionally,
such an epithet was called the
Chinese emperors.


Hitachi National Seaside Park,
Looking at the photo of
the Hitachi Park, I want to
understand that for the
fluffy balls, similar to our
tumbleweed, occupy
huge territories.
This place is unlike any other in
the country and even in the world.


Glacial Lake Moraine, Canada
The water supply of the reservoir is mainly glacial, so its waters are
crystal clear and very clean.
The highest water
level here is observed
from the middle to the
end of June, after a long
melting of snow in the
surrounding mountains.


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